Glamping in Alberta | Why People Go Glamping


Glamping in Alberta | Why People Go Glamping

The reason why people go glamping in Alberta, are as varied as the number of sites people can access. However, regardless of all of the different reasons why people might go glamping. They can get what they are looking for elevated experience campground.

Not only do they have a wide variety of amenities on site. That can appeal to a wide variety of campers as well as glamper’s. There are several things that set elevated experience apart from their competition.

The first thing, is that they offer exceptional customer service. And aim to exceed all people’s expectations. Regardless of the reason why they are visiting the campground.

For people who are looking for a traditional camping getaway. They can get that at elevated experience campground. Whether they are staying in a trailer, or camping in a tent.

However, glamping Alberta is on the rise in popularity. Because it allows people the ability to get away from it all and enjoy nature. Without having to pitch a tent, or sleep on the ground.

And while people have been glamping for decades in Alberta. These people need to bring their own glamping accommodations, such as motorhomes, and luxury trailers. And this is not within everyone’s reach.

Therefore, campsites like elevated experience that have built glamping sites in their campground. Are able to appeal to a wider demographic of people. Including people that do not like camping, but who will go glamping in Alberta.

As well as people who love camping, but cannot, because they do not have the equipment. Or who are experiencing some limitations, physical or otherwise.


Or appealing to people who have never been camping before, and glamping offers them the ability to experience something similar to camping. To see if this is something that they want to spend more time and money on doing.

Therefore, campsites that offer glamping amenities. Can appeal to a wider demographic of people. Catering people from beginners, to camping experts who love roughing it.

And the reason why people like going camping or glamping in Alberta are as varied as the people themselves. From enjoying certain activities, such as hiking, biking, fishing, and boating.

To people who love getting away from their normal life for a vacation. Or people who want to escape the noise and the busyness of the city. To spend time in nature with loved ones or by themselves.

Regardless of the reason why people want to go camping or glamping. They are going to be able to get what they are looking for when they visit elevated experience campground.

When they book a glamping site, they will have a tiny cabin, that on the inside looks like a hotel room, with a queen-size bed, air-conditioning and television set.

Whether people are camping or glamping, they have access to all of the amenities such as the retro arcade, mini golf, and enjoying goat yoga.

So when other people are looking for a getaway for their next vacation. Whether they love camping, or want to experience glamping. They should book a reservation at elevated experience campground to experience why they are different.

Glamping in Alberta | Why People Go Glamping

Although glamping in Alberta is rising in popularity recently. Glamping has been around for centuries, and simply refers to glamorous camping.

Anything can turn regular camping into glamorous camping. As long as they are adding amenities that are not typically found well camping. Such as people who bring barbecues, air mattresses, or coffee pots with them camping.

And while people have traditionally been glamping by bringing a trailer or motor home. That makes glamping inaccessible to people who do not have trailers, are unable to get them.

And this is one of the reasons why glamping is becoming more popular. Because more and more campsites, such as elevated experience campsites.

Recognize that they will be able to appeal to a wider audience. If they have some glamping amenities on site for people to rent. This is why elevated experience campground has added tiny cabins to their campground.

What people who are looking to do some glamping in Alberta should expect when they arrive at elevated experience campground. Is that there glamping site is a tiny cabin.

However, people should not mistake a tiny cabin for not having all of the creature comforts. Because these small accommodations have a queen sized bed, a television as well as air conditioning.

But also they have a mini fridge for people to store their food. As well as a barbecue, so that they have somewhere to cook their food. And even a coffeepot, is that people can sit out on the deck of their tiny cabin.


And enjoy the coffee, while enjoying their surroundings in the beautiful river valley. And while many people go glamping, because they are not a fan of regular camping.

Many people still want to have a fire, whether it is to roast marshmallows and hotdogs. Or simply enjoy visiting around a campfire. The tiny cabins have a fire pit, and a bench on site.

So that people do not have to feel like they are not to camping. Even though they do not actually want to sleep in a tent, or on the ground.

However, whether people are camping, in a tent or a trailer. Or staying in the glamping accommodations at elevated experience campground. If they do not feel like cooking dinner, they have options.

They can always order pizza, that will be delivered by elevated experience staff directly to their campground. So that if people have arrived that day, and are too tired to cook.

They can enjoy eating some pizza around that campfire. This is not the only food that they can get while glamping in Alberta at elevated experience. On the day that they are checking out.

Elevated experience offers a checkout pancake breakfast. To ensure people can eat hearty breakfast very inexpensively. So they do not have to cook the day that they are packing up to leave.

From roughing it to glamping and everything in between. People who are looking for a unique getaway. Should book a campsite at elevated experience campground. So that they can have a vacation that they have always wanted to.