Glamping in Alberta | Why Stay At Elevated Experience


Glamping in Alberta | Why Stay At Elevated Experience

Whether people want to go camping, so they can go roughing it, or if they want to go glamping in Alberta. They should go to elevated experience to do both of these activities. Because the experience they have will be unparalleled.

The goal that they have and elevated experience. Is to help people fall in love with the outdoors again. Whether they want to engage in a wide variety of typical camping experiences.

Such as boating, fishing or hiking. Or, if people simply want to relax away from the big city, by enjoying nature. And they also want to provide an experience for beginners never gone camping before.

So that they can experience what camping is like, and fall in love with the activity. And want to come back time and time again. And while they realize that providing amazing amenities will help achieve that goal.

The owners at elevated experience campground also understand. That if they are not providing exceptional customer service, no matter how great the amenities are. People will not be back.

In fact, they want to be considered the premier camping in Alberta, and the best glamping in Alberta. By providing exceptional and unparalleled camping and outshine their competition.

And while people who think of camping in Alberta often think about Canon ask is, Banff and Jasper. They want to be considered in that same category. And be a destination that people go out of their way to experience.

Right from when people arrive on site whether they are camping or glamping and Alberta. They will experience free coffee and water they check in.


As well as a fire pit, so that the other campers can get out and stretch their legs. And even roast a marshmallow to pass the time while waiting for the registration to be complete.

It can be very stressful to start a camping trip. With packing the camping gear, and packing it into the vehicle. As well as fighting traffic all the way to the campsite.

They hope that once people arrive, they feel like their vacation has truly begun. They are staying for a weekend, or staying for a week. And while many other campsites have a small store for ice and wood.

At elevated experience, they want to ensure that people are amazed at what they offer as a convenience store. Not only do they have a candy store, but they will have a variety of games and activities to rent.

Such as a slip and slide, large yard games such as Jenga and yahtzee. That can engage in entire family. And play a familiar game in an entirely new way. But also, they have other amenities available.

Such as a retro arcade, and the ability to order pizza on site. And have that delivered to their Site. So that if people arrive, set up camp and do not feel like cooking. They can order pizza, and feel like even if they are camping, that they are glamping in Alberta.

Glamping in Alberta | Why Stay At Elevated Experience

When people go to elevated experience, they will get unparalleled camping and glamping in Alberta. In a way that will encourage people to come back time and time again. For the same amazing experience.

What sets them apart from their competition, is not just the amazing amenities they have. And the wide variety of activities. So that it even if people are not interested in voting on the North Saskatchewan River.

They do not feel like traditional camping activities such as hiking or fishing. There is still not going to be a lack of anything for the people to do when they arrive at this campsite.

And while they have campsites available for people to go tenting in. as well as sites that people can bring their tent trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome in.

They also offer tiny cabins, with all of the amenities of a hotel room. So that people can go glamping in Alberta as well. Glamping is becoming a more popular activity every year.

And the tiny cabins that they have it elevated experience. Allow people to sleep in a plush queen-size bed, and enjoy air conditioning when it is hot out. And they even have a television in their cabins for people’s enjoyment.

They also have a mini fridge for people to put their food, and a barbecue to cook their food on. But this is all set in the wilderness, so that even though they have amazing amenities. They still feel like they are in the great outdoors.


They continue help people feel like they are camping by providing a fire pit and a bench in every glamping site. So that people can still have a fire, and roast marshmallows or hotdogs.

Or have people over to their campsite, for a visit, sing-along. Or a mug of hot chocolate over a roaring fire. To help them feel like they are truly camping.

No matter why people have arrived at elevated experience. If they want to go camping, or if they are looking for a unique vacation getaway. The one thing that they will all get, is amazing customer service.

Because every staff member that is hired goes through training on how to provide amazing customer service. So that when they arrive, they feel like their vacation has started.

And even if they are roughing it in a tent. They are going to feel like they are truly on a vacation, and can relax no matter what they are doing.

And not only is elevated experience family-friendly, and welcome campers of all ages, from 0 to 99. They also are a pet friendly Site. So that even when people want to go glamping in Alberta.

They do not have to leave their furry family members at home. And that is something that can help them feel like they are truly relaxing, and having an amazing time on their vacation.

When people are looking for a unique vacation, whether there camping or glamping in Alberta. They should check out elevated experience campground. For an elevated camping experience.