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RV Campgrounds Alberta | How We Make Camping Memorable Part 1

Good afternoon my name is Jason this is my wife Carmen of RV Campgrounds Alberta. We are the operators of Willey West Campground. We own Elevated Experience camping just outside of Drayton Valley, five minutes east.

Today we will be talking about how we make camping memorable for you. A quick quote: train the people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to. And that’s by Richard Branson. I think he owns Virgin. Not anybody could you know own an island you know that he must have some smarts. There you go.

Camping Is Popular With All Ages

make camping memorable

A fun fact that we like to always share with our viewers is: mosquitoes are actually attracted to bananas. Yeah I read that! That if you eat a banana, within two hours. They’ll they can definitely smell that out of coming under your skin and bite you more. So good to know! That really takes away from the banana boat. That you can put in the fire right with your RV Campgrounds Alberta stay.

Camping With Tents Or Trailers

All right so what are our primary services that Elevated Experience Camping offers? So we offer a camping experience down at the campground. And so our primary services obviously is a place that people can camp in a variety different of ways including RV Campgrounds Alberta. Through tent groups, and camping with your RV. Any way that you can. Even introducing this year glamping sites.

And all levels of expertise and camping. So from the beginner, we want to help them fall in love with the outdoors again. To the expert that just wants to come down to do their own thing and enjoy the outdoors.

Unique Amenities To Try Out

Some of the things that you will see when you’re down there. And that we’re really proud of because it really elevates  that camping experience. That sort of sets us apart from other places again. Where we are going to start this year with some glamping sites. So though people that want to have the all the amenities of being in a hotel. But enjoy the outdoors, we’ll have that opportunity.

Play Mini Golf Or Try Goat Yoga

We are going to have lots of family and fun activities. For ages zero right up to 99. From mini-golf to an arcade – a retro arcade. To scheduled family and children friendly activities. We’re going to introduce a lot of recreational based activities down there on-site. Community libraries, we’re going to have a really big recyclable program. That is going to help promote employment for people with disabilities.

Board Games and Large Yard Games

And lots of large outdoor games that people can rent. So there will be a ton of stuff for people to do coming down there. So although they’re coming for camping. There will be the option to sort of just be one with the out the beautiful outdoors. That we have the pleasure of having our campground in. Or if you’re looking for things to do it will all be on site as well. Awesome.

RV Campgrounds Alberta | Go Fishing On The North Saskatchewan River

make camping memorable

So we’ll also be able to do fishing and off the beach at RV Campgrounds Alberta, Willey West. And our so-called beach. And how about time! I thought you missed one of the most important things for the news this year. Is goat yoga! Yes so one of the exciting things that we’re bringing down there this year is goat yoga. We have done a lot of research and because we’re in a sort of rural area. That that goat yoga is really good for mental health and well-being. And it’s fun for all ages and all levels of yoga expertise.

So we will be launching that this year. And so we’re really excited to see that where that takes us at RV Campgrounds Alberta.

Try Glamping In Our Themed Cabins

Also, one other thing is you when we when you were talking. You mentioned our glamping sites. I’m excited for the idea. I know it’s coming along. Do you want to give them a hint of what kind of themes you are doing? Yes one is I’ve started to see that I’ve created a bit of themes with the glamping sites. So our two that we definitely hope to have up and running in 2021. Is more of a New Orleans themed indoor décor. And the other one is cowboy chic as I like to call it. So that’s pretty exciting!

Camping With Air Conditioning And Queen Bed

make camping memorable

And they will all be equipped with some of the amenities. That you would get in some of these glamping sites. Is they will all have a queen-size bed full size bed. Not mattress-sized for camping. But an actual queen-size bed! They will have: air conditioning, TV, mini-fridge. They will be equipped with a full-size barbecue outside.

Because they do have a patio area. And as we truck along here we’re hoping by 2021 they all will actually have. A minimum two-person hot tub on the site. And we still have the fire pits, absolutely. You bet – perfect all right! So you can glamp, or visit RV Campgrounds Alberta.

Above Average Service

Why is there need for our company to do what it does? So that’s a great question! Because we’re kind of one of those services that you don’t need to go camping. That’s true, but there is a need for us. And why we think this is such an important area. Is because whether you can afford a vacation or not or to get away. We want to be able to give people the opportunity.

That when they do go outside of their family home. That they have an opportunity to be able to rest relax and rejuvenate. That they have the opportunity to feel like they’re pampered. And that they can get an experience that’s elevated from their day-to-day practice.

Reserve Your Campsite Quickly

Visit the many sites and amenities of Elevated Experience Camping. Willey West Campground for the family. And Drayton Valley RV Park for a close to home get away. Both are perfect RV Campgrounds Alberta. As well, visit their YouTube page!

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