RV Campgrounds Alberta | What To Do When You Encounter A Skunk


RV Campgrounds Alberta | What To Do When You Encounter A Skunk

Good afternoon, my name is Jason Roberts Kowalchuk with RV Campgrounds Alberta. Normally I would be introducing you to my wife Carmen Roberts Kowalchuk. But she’s away for this video also.

Encountering Wildlife While Camping

And as we saw in a previous video, I thought I would bring in one of our camp security officers. So this is our other one who is this Nin. She’s part of our security team. I need a four-pound Chihuahua! Today we will be talking about – it’s going to be a bit shorter video – but yeah, we’re going to be talking about: what to do if you see a skunk or encounter a skunk.

Being Prepared Is Essential

Today’s RV Campgrounds Alberta quote is: all animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language. And this dog’s eyes will tell you everything. She’s madly in love with her dad. And she’s got him wrapped around her finger for sure, don’t you?

There Are Skunks In Alberta

So today’s stat is: during the summer evenings we are out doing our walking. But at this time skunks are going to be coming out to do their foraging. So that’s probably when you’re going to encounter a skunk. Is later in the evening, so just be careful. Just nobody wants to be sprayed while in RV Campgrounds Alberta.

No Need To Fear The Wild Life

So what to do if you see a skunk. Number one: stop moving. That’s number one. Like that is the most important thing. You may not want to stop, but do slow down. But just keep where you’re at. Let it do its thing. They don’t want to spray you. Try not to startle the skunk. So that’s why you want to, like I said stop or slow down moving. Because if you startle it, it just wants to defend itself. And it you will get sprayed and it can spray quite a ways from where you’re at.

RV Campgrounds Alberta | Skunks Are Afraid Of Humans Too

RV Campgrounds Alberta

Number three: avoid making noise or sudden movements towards it. Again you will startle it and it may turn around and spray. Number four, don’t do anything to make them feel threatened or concerned about you. Like if you’re standing there, they’ll just do their thing right and just keep on walking. They just want to forge for their food. Do you want to have a barbecue? You want to have your barbecue. Just let them go – don’t get in the middle of in between them and their babies. They will you know they do tend to spray then – for sure.

Look For Wildlife Warning Signs

Be wary for warning signs from a skunk. Like if it starts stomping its feet or raising its tail or hissing. Those are all tell tale signs that they’re really annoyed with you. And you know, just back up. Just walk away. Don’t turn your back, just walk slowly away from it. Let it go on to do its thing. You know, 98% of the time it will do its thing and leave you alone.

Help Everyone Know What To Do While Camping

Just and like I said you just have to back away in RV Campgrounds Alberta. Walk slowly and quietly. It actually does not want to spray you, ever. If it doesn’t have to spray. Spraying by a skunk is a last resort when it feels threatened or concerned, right. So just place it, don’t be worried just be wary of them. If they are nearby, stop, slow down if you can. Walk, keep up keep your eyes on it. Walk backwards, let it do its thing. and you won’t get sprayed at RV Campgrounds Alberta.

If You Do Get Sprayed

Most people know if you get sprayed, tomato juice is supposed to help with the de-scenting. Some people say it works some people say it doesn’t. We do have a mixture at the office. If you want to ask us for it, it’s a special recipe that people swear by. I don’t know I’ve never, not since a little kid have I been sprayed by  a skunk. And I just remember my mama bathing me in tomato juice. It never, it the stuff stinks really bad.

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Alright my name is Jason this is Nin we are Elevated Experience Camping and like I said I would my wife is away and her name is Carmen and we are the operators of Willy West campground all right take care happy camping.

RV Campgrounds Alberta | How To Start A Fire With Doritos

Welcome to the Elevated Experience Camping, Willey West Campground, Drayton Valley RV Park and RV Campgrounds Alberta DIY video series! Today we’re going to learn how to start a fire. With nothing more than a lighter, paper towel, and some Doritos!

Step 1: take your paper towel put it in the middle of your fire pit.

Step 2: take a handful of any flavored Doritos and put it in the middle of that paper towel.

Step 3: set your firewood into the pit I like to do. the box style as it’s good for cooking but teepee style will also work you.

And step 4: we’re going to take our lighter and light two Doritos one down here and one up here. And then we’ll light the napkin in one spot just over here. And then we should have a fire with no chemicals going here.

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Look at that beautiful thing! And you know what? We have tons of Doritos at Willey West Campgrounds, Drayton Valley RV Park at RV Campgrounds Alberta. So our next video will be a cooking video: tacos in a bag! That’s all from Elevated Experience Camping! I want to wish you a happy camping. And follow all our social media: Twitter, YouTube and Facebook!