How We Make Camping Memorable Part 2


RV Campgrounds Alberta | How We Make Camping Memorable Part 2

Regardless if you’re a single person just coming down to RV campgrounds Alberta by yourself. Or If you are with a couple of families you know, loved ones. Between zero to ninety nine that you will find something at the campground to satisfy your desire. Of an Elevated Experience. Absolutely! But we always have one child that’s always miserable, yeah.

But just know we make camping memorable for you and your family, and we hope for, and expect, your visit again!

So Many People Love Camping

Carmen, where do we find most of our customers? So for me I think everybody could be one of our customers. It’s really the community at large who are our customers. Because it doesn’t have to be a person that has the truck and the you know the fifth wheel. That can come down in and enjoy our services and our experiences. It’s any community member that’s looking for an elevated experience. An escape from their day-to-day and wants to really fall in love with the outdoors again yes.

Enjoy Our Day Use Area

So even to add on to that. Even if you’re not camping, we do have the free day use area. Okay and you’re more than welcome to come down and use our services. So from mini-golf to using the yard games for rental. We have a buy a day pass for the arcade. We will be having the slip and slide you can purchase. You know if you sign up for the goat yoga, yeah. So I mean even if you’re not camping, you can still come down and enjoy some of our services. For sure, absolutely.

We make camping memorable

Happy Campers Keep Returning

Hey do you tend to have lots of repeat business. Really that’s a foundation of what we really want to serve. Is although we definitely want new customers. And our goal right from the beginning in our strategic planning for the next five years. Is to have at least 20,000 people through our gates at RV campgrounds Alberta.

Helping Everyone Fall In Love With The Outdoors

We really want to have that repeat customer. Somebody that comes down there, falls in love with camping again. Has that elevated experience. And has no desire to go anywhere else. When they’re looking for a camping opportunity or a day use opportunity. So we really, really feel that giving people that experience. That causes them to stop looking at anywhere else. For that elevated experience and escape from day to day life is what is what we’re striving for. So absolutely. Repeat customers at RV campgrounds Alberta is just as important to us as new customers. Awesome.

All Campers Become Our Family

Yeah, I can’t agree with you more. I think honestly we love the repeat customer. It’s always nice to see that friendly face more than once. And it’s always good to, you know, we try to strive to have a wow moment every day. And we want to make sure that whether you are new or old. It doesn’t matter just get that wow moment and elevated experience for most, absolutely.

RV Campgrounds Alberta | Come For The Afternoon Or Stay Longer

We make camping memorable

So whether they’re coming down for the day and using our day use area at RV campgrounds Alberta. And enjoying some of the amenities at the campground. Or whether they’re staying in the campground in any capacity. We want to just make sure that we’re elevating their experience and their service. So that they can, like I said, rest, relax, and rejuvenate. And have an elevated experience past their day-to-day life.

Enjoy Your Vacation Your Way

So Jason, what is the biggest problem that you solve for people? Well we solved that being out in the outdoors. And  having that picturesque moment. And then making people come back and love it again. So always having a premium escape from your day-to-day life time challenges right. So whether through it’s our daily programming or weekend programming. Or through goat yoga or even coming down to use one of our glamping sites. Even to fish right, like it’s just where you the customer can come and relax, rejuvenate and get back on track right at RV campgrounds Alberta.

Great For Beginner Or Expert Campers

And just to add to that I think one of the things that we are really happy to have. Sort of tapped into and want to solve is that spectrum for people.So it’s not just okay you have to have a trailer to be here. You have to have full service. Or you have to have this. And you’re sort of specific on what your service would be. When you think of camping we’ve really opened up that spectrum to be a variety. From people that really want to just come down be left alone.

We make camping memorable

To people that really have no idea what they’re doing, and still can have an excellent experience. So kind of like not getting pigeonholed. That’s great. Exactly.

So I will ask you another question. What was the factor that drove you to provide a solution for this problem? Oh our personal experiences with camping I think. That’s where we started: camping in a tent with our children. We, my wife always had to have the time out. Because she was she was, very not-okay with control. Yes and we had lots of controlled chaos when we set up our campsites. So then then, we moved into a trailer and it got better. And then we thought we went to all these campgrounds. And we figured that there wasn’t everything. There was always something missing.

Make Everyone Happy

We make camping memorable

And some of them had a few things. Some of them didn’t, and we just want to kind of bundle it all together. Whether it’s in a beautiful picturesque spot, right, okay. Yeah just to piggyback on that, one of the things we really recognized. As we have six children and they span quite a range. And so as every year came there was different challenges. Or new challenges to have that experience that we wanted. And so we really realized as we went to different campgrounds.

That we would make one child happy, and three others miserable. Or we would make two children happy and two children miserable. Or whatever combination it came to be. And so we really wanted we want to take an approach.

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