How We Make Memorable Camping Part 3


RV Campgrounds Alberta | How We Make Memorable Camping Part 3

So question for you: how competitive is the tourism business with RV Campgrounds Alberta? That’s a toughie because the tourism industry is really competitive right now. I mean there are quite a few campgrounds in Alberta. That people can go to. Alberta Parks has opened up theirs this weekend. And it was almost fully booked already for Jasper, right?

And that’s a great thing about Willey West, which will make memorable camping, is that it’s like going to the mountains. without going to the mountains, right?

We Make Memorable Camping

Rain Or Shine Campers Love It Here

So just getting that you know the whole aspect of getting people into the RV Campground Alberta. It’s like the industry is very, very, very, busy. But tourism you know it takes up a lot of our time and space for sure, right?

Top Campground In Alberta

Carmen why are you motivated to be the best in your industry? Ah so we are definitely motivated to be the best. And we’re hoping within our five-year strategic plan. That we are a household name. Like I said, with all levels of people that want to enjoy the outdoors and camping. And anything to do with that industry. And so I feel where we will be exceptional, is in our customer service at RV Campgrounds Alberta.

Merging Camping And Customer Service

Jason I have a long history of customer service in a variety of past roles. And we’re very passionate about making sure. That the customer service is there, is that everybody that we solve issues in the moment. And people feel that they’ve been heard, validated. And that they get the experience that they came down for. I think that we really understand current and future market trends. That’s something that isn’t very familiar in the camping industry.

Exceptional Service And Amenities

Camping has really been one of those things. That kind of has always fallen under the radar. As far as people really understanding trends. It’s just a campground. But it’s a campground you either go camping or you don’t. And Jason and I have really looked at it different. As what it is a campground, but what else could it be? And what should it be to the community, and the tourist industry?

Community Partnerships Are Important

We really want to make memorable camping experiences. And you know people all over. We are really dedicated to strong partnerships at RV Campgrounds Alberta. I think as you know we become a more conscious society. It is important to us to balance, you know the good with the good deeds. With the making sure that we’re helping each other out. And that we strive all for a better – you know tomorrow – for all of us.

Providing An Amazing Community Experience

And one of our things that we are really excited about at RV Campgrounds Alberta. Is our ability to partner with different organizations and community events. And things that are going on to provide the best community experience people can have. So that is something I think is also new in the campground realm. We are really wanting to be very active outside of the campground. As well as inside the campground, and then again our desire. That everything that we are striving for. Has that social and economic development.

Make Memorable Camping While Staying Socially Conscious

We Make Memorable Camping

So as we want to grow Elevated Experience Camping and RV Campgrounds Alberta. And grow the campground, we also want to be socially conscious. And we want to make sure that we’re making decisions that are really helping economic development for everybody. Not just not just the campground. And so how do you think we’re going to reach this goal Jason? So I think we are invested in a multiple multitude of layers on this.

Customer Service Training

So number one will be customer training our staff. To be customer focused, so that you know the customer is always right. You know, giving them that wow moment. We are going to have a variety of different amenities. So from again like we said glamping, mini golf, arcade, goat yoga.

Safety Standards to make memorable camping

I’m so excited for another one is customer feedback. We want good or bad – we want every type of feedback we can get back. Just so that we can, if it’s bad we can expand on it. And improve that next experience. And make it right. Because that’s really important to us. The quality of improvement, of risk management and safety practices. Where we are going to, there hasn’t been really a safety standard. In where we were previously, so we are bringing in new practices. With the county and making sure everything is top-notch. That way and through research development and marketing strategies you know.

We Make Memorable Camping

Elevated Experience Camping Can’t Wait To Meet You

Through these videos we get the word out. There we just spent a weekend in Drayton Valley marketing our opening. Grand opening special weekend. So we’re having a grand opening May night. Where we’re inviting a whole bunch of vendors down. And community members and partnerships, like beehive. And we’re trying to, you know. We’ve got local businesses, like all the truck dealerships. We’ve gone to get them to come down. And see what’s new with them too.

Giving Campers That Wow Moment

And then I think another just to add on to what you said. Especially around our customer service. Is one of the things that we are kind of excited to be able to be really conscious of. To do with our staff is really to empower them to make decisions. That treat the customer and our campers and our day-use providers of RV campgrounds Alberta. And anybody down there with the opportunity. To have an elevated experience, so we really want to make sure that within our training. That they know that they have the ability to make decisions. That will give that wow moment and elevate campers experience. That’s an awesome point.

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Well my name is Jason this has been Carmen and we want to wish you an elevated experienced camping and come down to Elevated Experience so we can make memorable camping together, either at Willey West. Or Drayton Valley RV Park or RV Campgrounds Alberta!