10 Reasons Why Elevated Experience Camping Loves Camping

“If you have never spent a night under the stars, then you have never truly lived.”  –  Joey Holmes

Yes, a bold statement and YES, we just went there!

But we love camping so much, that we really do believe that EVERYONE can not only benefit from camping, but enjoy it too. We get it, camping can be cold and wet and you might have noisy neighbours who keep you up all night, the toilets might be outhouses, rodents might get into your food, or you might think you will just get bored. For us, all of the negatives that may come with camping are well worth the endless positives. And these positives make us happier than (almost) anything else in the world. If you have yet to venture into the world of sleeping bag snoozing then be ready to find out why camping is so freaking awesome!!!!

1. Have a Health Boost

Camping allows even the laziest of us loungers out there opportunities to get involved in some kind of silly camping game that involves moving more than just your drink to your mouth. At Elevated Experience Camping, we offer a ton of proven health benefit activities spending time in the outdoors and even activities for those more weather challenging times while camping. No matter what the situation, we have something for everyone to get involved in.

2. Get Some Headspace

It’s not just our physical health that benefits from time out in the wild. Camping also provides the perfect opportunity to clear the mind from everyday chatter, often without even knowing it. In our modern world of constant overstimulation, it has become something of a necessity for people to have opportunities to get away from it all at least once a month.

3. People Watching

People watching is a wonderful way to kill time. Camping allows everyone a chance to peek into tiny snippets of other people’s lives: watching how they interact, how they have fun. People watching at Willey West Campground. People watching with other people and take casual bets on how things will pan out. But make sure you master the art of discretion. You don’t want to go losing friends before you’ve even made any.

4. Have an Adventure

To us, there are many ways of defining adventure. From crossing the Antarctic unsupported to climbing a tree in your backyard. We love the fact that sleeping in the outdoors is still as exciting as it was when we were 5. For us, the adventure comes from stepping outside of the norm, being in the great outdoors. Whether you choose to seek out a path less followed or just embark on something you’ve never done before, you’re adventuring and we will help you find which adventure is best for you! Camping in itself is, and always will be, an adventure, and one we intend to share with all our guests.

5. Bring Out Your Inner Child

Perhaps it’s the fact that as a child everything was an adventure. So when we get adventuring as an adult there’s a lovely reminiscence of childhood memories that puts an extra spring in all our steps. It also brings out a need to play games constantly, and start to see things in a simpler, more child-like way.Camping with kids is also a guarantee to get your imagination running wild.

6. Teamwork

Now we are not suggesting that you turn your vacation into some sort of military operation, we are merely hinting at the fact that things are way easier, and a lot more fun when you do them with someone else. Setting up a campsite is an obvious example of when teamwork is genuinely required, and it can be a real test of any relationship (queue watching other people try to do this!). So whether you like it or not, you’ll be learning some essential team building skills which we highly recommend approaching with an open mind!

7. Family Time

At Elevated Experience camping, we don’t think there is any better way for a family to enjoy a holiday together than camping. The reality of it means that not only do the kids have a giant playground to explore, but camping also forces families to spend quality time together, with limited distractions. There is time to chat over dinner about the adventures of the day, and plan more fun for the rest of your time at Elevated Experience camping. Time to sing campfire songs together and play silly games. Time to help each other with the chores – because even chores are fun at camp! For busy families, camping allows for some togetherness that just doesn’t happen in everyday life – yet another side to the adventure.

8. Notice and Appreciate the Small Things

At Elevated Experience Camping, we are a bit crazy when it comes to camping. It’s always the small things that bring the biggest smiles to our faces.A neatly organized campsite, or chairs being arranged around the campfire nicely show that our guests have been able to slow down and appreciate the small things. We love the sound of the tent being unzipped in the morning, the crackle of the campfire and the sizzling of cooking bacon. We are sure there are loads of little things in everyday life that would give you as much satisfaction as we find everyday at Elevated Experience Camping – camping gives us time to look and notice them.

9. Never Miss a Sunrise or Sunset

Most people never get up in time for sunrise, even if we know it’s going to be a gorgeous morning. But when you’re camping, waking up seems so much easier when the sunrise is right at your feet. I always pitch my tent with where the sun will rise in mind. Equally, it’s all too easy to let sunsets go unnoticed or unappreciated in everyday life. There’s always something more important going on. But when camping, the sun gets busy setting at just about the same time you’re ready to pop open a cool beer and settle into my camp chair! Heaven.

10. Stargazing

There’s nothing like star gazing to totally remove you from the worries of everyday life. Sitting around a campfire always evolves into lying back and contemplating the universe. But at Elevated Experience Camping we think the best time to really appreciate the canopy of stars is when nature calls in the middle of night. Although somewhat annoying initially, climbing out of the comfort of your sleeping bag is well worth the effort for the incredible display of twinkling stars that greet you.