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Elevated Experience Camping

Willey West Campground
7110 AB Highway 22
Drayton Valley, Alberta T7A 2A2

Camping Season Hours of Operation

April 30 – October 3 2021
Admin Office/Store – 9 AM – 7 PM Sunday – Wednesday
Thursday 9AM – 9 PM
Friday and Saturday 9 AM – 10 PM
Late night Fresh Pizza delivery to your campsite Thursday, Friday & Saturday – 6 PM – 10 PM

Seasonal Camping Not Available November – May 1

Drayton Valley RV Park
6001 44 Ave
Drayton Valley, AB T7A 1R3

Camping Season Hours of Operation

April 30 – October 3 2021
Admin Office/Store – 9 AM – 7 PM Sunday – Thursday
Friday and Saturday 9 AM – 9 PM
 October 4 – May 1 on-call caretaker onsite for all your needs.

Why Elevated Experience Camping?

Elevated Experience Camping offers one of the most authentic ways to see the great outdoors. Opportunities for memorable camping experiences are what Elevated Experience Camping excels at. What better reason to go camping than to enjoy the outdoors and the scenic wonders of nature while receiving a vast variety of amenities that mimic a 5 star rustic experience.

There are many valid reasons for escaping the routines of ordinary life, and we at Elevated Experience Camping want to facilitate that escape and elevate your time spent breaking from your routines. We want you to experience sitting around a campfire under a clear sky, gazing up at the stars and listening to the sounds of the night as resting, relaxing and rejuvenation can strengthen our bodies, pacify our minds and restore our spirits. Elevated Experience Camping is rejuvenating!

9 Reasons To Camp At Elevated Experience Camping

1. Escape From A Hectic Life

Why camp with Elevated Experience Camping? Well, unlike many other types of trips, it gives you the opportunity to literally do nothing for a weekend—or even longer, while we offer every guest an elevated experience through our exceptional crew’s dedication to our customers and our one of a kind delivery of camping amenities. Once your campsite is set-up, you don’t have to worry about cleaning, laundry, putting on your best outfit for an evening out, grocery shopping or any other tasks that seem to consume our everyday lives. And it’s a chance for you to turn off the smartphone, computer and other electronics to just sit back and relax and let us have the opportunity to help you make memories.

2. Gain A Newfound Appreciation For Mother Nature

There’s so much beauty in the outdoors and we rarely get the chance to appreciate it. From gorgeous mountains to flowing rivers ideal for canoeing, kayaking and swimming, at Elevated Experience Camping you will have your pick of outdoor activities to engage in.

3. Quality Time With Family & Friends

Make it a rule to keep the electronic games and gadgets to a minimum. At Elevated Experience Camping we offer many opportunities that will give your friends and family a chance to have some true quality time together whether it’s enjoying our many amenities, cooking or simply talking to one another.

4. Have Fun Cooking Outdoors

Cooking outdoors means even if you make a mess, there will thankfully be little clean-up to worry about afterwards. Another bonus: you can get away with eating less nutritious foods for several days, such as hot dogs, hamburgers, and of course, every kind of smores. Don’t forget to check out Elevated Experience Camping You Tube channel and our weekly activities for fun cooking tips for the outdoors.

5. Teach & Learn New Skills

Being outdoors gives us the opportunity to pass on some survival skills, as well as hone some new ones for ourselves and our friends and families. After a camping trip, you’ll likely have learned how to build a fire and teach kids how to be safe around one, how to protect yourself from mosquitoes and other insects. Elevated Experience Camping offers amenities that not only give you opportunities to reconnect with people and have fun but we also offer many activities that will help you discover and learn and create new skills and memories.

6. Weekly Child & Family Programming

Some of our best memories of camping in our childhood is activities put on by the campground we visited. Whether it was a craft, competition or scavenger hunt, as children, we were always ready to participate. Now as Owners of Elevated Experience Camping, we want to elevate our childhood camping experiences into the 21 century. If you are only down at Willey West Campground for the day or staying with us for the week, we offer a variety of Child and family programming to suit all ages and skill levels. You find us completing unique crafts, learning about nature and engaging in friendly competitioners. Whatever your preference, we are sure to have something for you. Make sure to keep checking our weekly events as we are constantly adding new elevated activities to enhance your camping experience.

7. “YOGA” Done A Little Bit Differently

At Elevated Experience Camping, we offer outdoor yoga classes with a twist. Anyone can yoga outside, but with our yoga instructor Elevated Experience Camping customers can enjoy goat yoga, child yoga and family yoga.

Goat Yoga – Imagine attempting a yoga pose for the first time, or the 100th, and finding yourself contouring your body around a goat that claimed your mat. Imagine looking into the eyes of an animal that is part dog in its interest in people, and part cat in its demands that you take interest in them on their terms. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done yoga. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know a pig from a goat. What matters is that you come prepared for a wholly unique and joyful experience (and this goes for the biggest and burliest of men…the tougher they are, the harder they fall for that goat that picked their mat to lie on).

Family Yoga – Parent and child yoga classes deliver the same mental and physical benefits as any other yoga class: peace of mind, relaxation, and increased bodily strength and flexibility. It also offers a unique and creative opportunity for families to spend time together and make meaningful memories together

Child Yoga – Yoga for children is a form of modern yoga designed for children. It includes poses to increase strength, flexibility, and coordination. Classes are intended to be fun and may include age-appropriate games, animal sounds and creative names for poses.

8. Camping Is A Pet Friendly Vacation

Pets are permanent members of our families, and at Elevated Experience Camping we don’t want you to leave Fido behind with a pet sitter or in a kennel. We are truly a vacation for the entire family!

9. Create Lasting Memories

And finally, with all the action of camping, the newly learned skills, playtime and downtime, indulgent meals, nurtured relationships, physical exertion and increased headspace, it really is unavoidable that lasting and happy memories will be made every time you come and see us at Elevated Experience Camping. We want you to have great recollections of almost every camping trip and we can’t wait to see you for the many, many more that will be made in the future.