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EECS Society

Elevated Experience Camping Society’s (established 07/10/2020) primary focus is social innovation, community sustainability and inclusion.


About EECS Society

Our Vision

To create opportunities within employment, community inclusion and leadership for vulnerable individuals to achieve their autonomous potential.

Our Mission

Together Different. Inspiring innovative change for vulnerable populations.

EECS Society

Our Values

Agile – We focus on delivering results and responding to change rather than follow a yearly plan that is never looked at.

Transparency – We know our strengths and are determined to effectuate our growth potential.

Focused On Our Mission – We know our reason for existing, our purpose and where we are headed.

Able to Mobilize & Inspire Others – We are able to mobilize and inspire our staff, our volunteers and sponsors. We create meaningful ways to engage individuals and connect them to our mission and core values.

Continually Listen & Improve – We take innovative approaches to identify, share, and apply our results and lessons learned from our programs and initiatives. We bring enthusiasm, passion for growth and a willingness to take on the world’s largest social challenges.

Leadership – We seek out opportunities to learn & grow everywhere. We apply creativity and curiosity to all aspects of organizational management.

EECS Society


As part of Elevated Experience Camping (EEC) Society, we are committed to support Drayton Valley and Brazeau County’s economic development and align with our goals around social enterprise, and employment opportunities for vulnerable populations.


Campground Support Staff will be employees through a partnership with BeeHive Support Services (Drayton Valley) for Persons with Disabilities. Through the Employment Program, EEC Society will be able to offer employment training, skills and opportunities to individuals that struggle to find successful employment. Through this partnership we will be able to support several individuals in gaining meaningful employment and align our strategic business plan.


New for 2021, EEC Society will be running a seasonal food trailer in Drayton Valley and the day use area of Willey West Campground. The food trailer will be operated solely through a program developed by EEC called “Operation Sasquatch” to support at risk youth 14-20 years of age. This program will be mentored by an EECS mentor with consultation support from a similar program called the Halleway in Edmonton, Alberta. The program for at risk youth will offer on the job training and experience in areas of Culinary skills, customer services, budgeting/ costs, communication, teamwork and entrepreneurship and food sustainability.

EECS Society


At EECS, we are dedicated to engaging, empowering and employing our vulnerable populations within our communities serviced by Brazeau county and the surrounding areas. We believe in social enterprise that focuses on the social innovation, and community inclusion with the potential to contribute to economic development.

Compelling Value


  • Youth tend to seek, access and respond to services and supports differently than other at-risk individuals.
  • They often avoid the support-serving systems out of fear of authorities.
  • At-risk youth become entrenched in “street lifestyle” very quickly due to:
    • Develping new social networks with other street-involved youth.
    • Substance abuse issues for themselves or within the family.
    • Losing ties with the education system.

Homelessness is a dangerous, unstable lifestyle for vulnerable populations characterized by several high-risk, negative experiences including:

  • Violence, victimization, physical & sexual abuse.
  • Involvement with police & the justice system.
  • Criminal activity.
  • Stress, depression, anxiety disorders and suicide.

Many at-risk youths are struggling with developmental and attachment issues that make their transition to adulthood more challenging. They have never lived independently or developed critical life skills. Only 23% of youth looking for employment are successful in achieving employment opportunities. Many at-risk youths do not have the skill, means or opportunities to access employment opportunities. Without these opportunities youth become at-risk for homelessness, school drop out rates increase, and street life becomes a daily reality.

EECS Society

Persons With Developmental Disabilities

In 2017/2018, 3,033 of the 12,027 Albertans receiving supports through PDD participated in PDD employment support programs. Of these, 1,708 (56 per cent) obtained and/or maintained employment. Employment opportunities for persons with disabilities continues to fluctuate as the job market ebbs and flows in Alberta. Employers struggle to be able to support positions and persons with disabilities are competing for minimum wage positions with the increased unemployment rate of Alberta.

2021 Outcomes For EECS

Safety – Live free from fear of abuse and violence.

Increased Housing Stability – Healthy housing or family reunification.

Health & Well-being – Achieve the highest attainable standards.

Secure & Resilient – Support themselves and their households through safe work and career opportunities, with access to effective income supports.

Lifelong Learners – Develop the knowledge, skills, and commitment to learning necessary to realize their potential and participate in society.


Board Members

Executive Director – Sarah Supernault

Director – Debbie Enyedy

Director – Robert Stephenson

Director – Carmen Roberts-Kowalchuk

Director – Danny Obtsy

Director – Julian Bennett

Junior Board Members
Rowyn Mudry
Avrie Schneider

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