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*All COVID Restrictions Are Lifted MARCH 1, 2022*

We have been getting a bazillion phone calls from excited campers! That’s awesome! In an effort to make sure that you get your questions answered we made this list of the most common questions that our campers have.

We are pretty sure we’ve got everything covered here, but if not, check out our services page as there are a lot of updates there as well. Happy Camping!


You can make an online reservation at anytime by clicking HERE for Willey West Campsite or HERE for Drayton Valley RV Park. You will be able to pick your dates and campsite based on the size of your camping RV or tent. You will only be charged the reservation fee of $12 plus GST. This is a non-refundable fee to secure your campsite. On the day of your arrival, the remaining fees must be paid in full. Please note: Green means available, red means unavailable and grey means campsites that do not meet your filters (i.e unit is too long).

If you’re looking for a reservation, but Willey West Campground is booked during the time you would like to visit, we often have more availability at Drayton Valley RV Park. Click HERE to reserve your spot. All Drayton Valley RV Park campers are invited to visit Willey West Campground and enjoy all the amenities of both as they are only a 6 minute drive apart.

Same Day Reservations:
For all reservations, click the book now button. Our reservations are updated in real time. Green mean that they are available. Note: campers can cancel their own reservations so check the website often for available spots.

Note: All campers are required to cancel a campsite by midnight on Tuesday to not be charged additional fees. If you are looking for a last minute campsite for the weekend- best day to check is Wednesday morning.

First Come/ First Serve:
Willey West Campground and Drayton Valley RV Park do not have FCFS campsites.

Check-In/ Check-Out Time (Willey West and Drayton Valley RV Park):
Check-in is at 3pm daily
Check-out at 12 noon daily
Early check-ins & late check-outs are unavailable.

Glamping Sites – Check-In/ Check-Out Time (Willey West Only):
(No smoking in cabins)
Check-in 4:00 PM
Check-out 11:00 AM

Gates to the Campground (Willey West):
Gates are closed from 11pm- 7am daily. The gates at the campground are locked for the security of our campers. If you need to leave the campground after hours, please see management.

Gates to the Campground (Drayton Valley RV Park):
Gates are closed from 11pm- 7am daily.

How many people per campsite:
A maximum of 8 people per campsite

Cancellation Request

There is a $12.00 non-refundable reservation fee with every confirmed reservation. Our current refund policy requires a minimum of 72 hours’ notice for the refund of campsite fees. If a cancellation is requested less than 72 hours or a reservation no-shows, a one night campsite will be charged to the applicable credit card.

Please note: 72-hour cancellation runs on a 24-hour clock therefore starts on Tuesday at midnight. If a cancellation is requested less than 72 hours or a reservation no-show, a one-night campsite fee will be charged to the applicable credit card.

Effective 2021, all campers can cancel their reservations if needed through the online reservation system 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Change Reservation Requests

A $10 change reservation fee applies due to the high volume of change reservation requests. Please note it can take up to 72 hours to return reservation change requests. We will prioritize these requests due to urgency.

Emails Requests & Communication

Due to the high volume of requests Elevated Experience Camping receives daily and our commitment to ensuring all our campers and guests have an elevated experience, emails can take up to 72 hours to be returned. We are committed to addressing all emergencies as quickly as we can, therefore do prioritize our returned emails.

Campsite Fees

*Prices Subject To Change Without Notice*

Our 2022 camping season rates are:
$30 + GST per night for a non-serviced site
$30 + GST per night for a tent-only site (One tent per campsite)
$44 + GST per night for a 30 amp full service site
$44 + GST per night for a 30 amp power only site
$44 + GST per night for a 30 amp pull through site
$39 + GST per night for a 15 amp power only site

Glamping Sites:
$175 + GST per night: Harley’s Hut Site 7 (sleeps 2 – 4)
$175 + GST per night: Kink’s Crib Site 12 (sleeps 2 – 3)
$218 + GST per night: Axel’s Abode Site 14 (sleeps 5)
$218 + GST per night: Rage’s Retreat Site 36 (sleeps 5)
$175 + GST per night: Nin’s Namaste Site 60 (sleeps 2 – 4)
$100 + GST per night for a rustic bell tent glamping site
$80 + GST per night for a tree tent rental

Group Sites:
$200 + GST per night for a group site
Rates for group sites must be paid in full at time of booking.
This is a non-refundable purchase unless we can re-rent the group site for the same dates.
Group site #1 capacity is 10 rv’s/trailers & has a cookhouse, a power hook-up for 30amp.
Group site #2 capacity is 16 rv’s/trailers but is not powered.

Our 2022 camping season rates are:
$20 + GST per night tent only site – (not serviced)
$25 + GST per night tent only site (15amp electric)
$47 + GST per night fully serviced RV site
$950 + GST monthly rate for fully serviced RV site
Tenting is available in all campsites.
Additional tents on a site to a maximum of 3 tents is $15.00 per night per tent.



We currently sell bundles of firewood for $11.00 a bundle or 3 for $30.00. You are also allowed to bring your own firewood as long as it is clean firewood which means it has no nails, staples etc., is not treated and is not pallet type wood.
**There is a $100 charge for burning pallets and/or chemically treated wood that will be billed to your credit card should nails, screws and/or staples be found in your pit.**
**There is a $100 environmental charge for cutting/damaging any trees at Willey West Campground or Drayton Valley RV Park**


Well behaved pets are welcome and must always be on a leash. Pets must not be left alone at your campsite, and that you clean up after your pets (dog waste bag stations are located throughout the campground). A $10.00 pet fee will be charged per campsite. This includes a safety dog tag with your campsite number on it in case your pet becomes loose in the campground. There is a maximum of two pets per site. Contact Elevated Experience Camping directly if you are travelling with more than two pets.

T-Bones Camper’s Special

All Campers Special needs 72 Hours notice to be thawed for your camping. Anything less than that and you may have frozen product. Please email us at manager@elevatedexpereincecamping.com to add and pay for your camper’s special.

Outhouses & Showerhouse

All outhouses within the campgrounds are OPEN! As well as our showerhouse and flush toilets.

Cookhouse Rental

At Willey West Campground, we have a cookhouse that rents for $38.00 per day. It is located close to the playground and near a non-potable water pump. It is a perfect size for any type of outdoor social event.

Day-Use Area

Our day use area within Willey West Campground is open to the public and is free of charge.

Potable/Non-Potable Water

We have non-potable water available at the entrance of both campgrounds. The campground does not have potable water for RV use. For your convenience, we also sell jugs of bottled water in our convenience store.