Campsites in Alberta | How Do I Get A Campsite in Alberta?

We are quite fortunate in our province, there are so many campgrounds and campsites in Alberta. Some are in National Parks like Banff and Jasper, others are in provincial campgrounds. There are also private campgrounds that have campsites to rent. When planning a camping vacation in Alberta, there are a few steps to take to ensure you have the vacation you desire, and enjoy the time spent away from the rush of your regular life.

What Part of Alberta Do You Want To Camp In

Again, Alberta is a huge and biologically diverse, depending on where in the province you want to camp, you will get a very different experience. From the boreal forests of Northern Alberta, the very long days make for great camping adventures. You will likely see many tall evergreen trees and more moose than in southern climates. The summers are short, so while the camping season is shorter, it’s quite spectacular.

Then there’s southern Alberta with desert-like features such as badlands with hoodoo formations. It’s quite well known for the large quantities of fossils found in the area. If you’re looking to do some dinosaur bone hunting, finding campsites in Alberta here is definitely the camping adventure for you!

In the western part of Alberta, you will run into the Rocky Mountains, Jasper farther north, and Banff to the south. The mountains are gorgeous, no matter where you go, with lots of physical activities like hiking, biking and rock climbing just to name a few. If you like taking pictures, the scenery and animals will give you more subjects than you can shoot in a single week!

Of course, the rest of Alberta is known for their stunning prairies, gorgeous northern lights and of course, great campsites in Alberta. If you have the urge to visit one specific place, there will be dozens of campgrounds and hundreds of campsites to choose from. And no matter where you visit, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery that Alberta has to offer.

What Facilities Do You Need

Whether you’re an expert camper with your own gear, or you’ve never camped before, you will be able to enjoy camping in this gorgeous province. Different campgrounds and campsites have different accommodations. There are campsites in Alberta for large recreational vehicles and trailers, for people who prefer camping in tents, and even for people who don’t have their own camping equipment!

These glamping campsites have their own shelter – such as a yurt, which is a tent with sturdy sides and a canvas roof. Or a tiny cabin, treehouse, A-frame structures, geodesic domes and more! These glamp-sites will have beds and many of the supplies you need to stay comfortable. Not only does Elevated Experience Camping have several of these types of glamping accommodations for rent, but they also sell grocery packages, to ensure that you don’t even have to go food shopping before your camping adventure!

How Do I Get A Campsite in Alberta?

Campsites in Alberta | What Activities Do You Want To Do

Perhaps people will choose what campsites in Alberta they want to visit based on what activities they want to do. From being very active and adventurous, to wanting a lot of rest and relaxation, activities on the land, in the water, or up in the air are all possible in various locations throughout Alberta. Sometimes the desired activities will dictate location, if you want to go fishing, boating, waterskiing, you have to go near a body of water. Mountain biking or rock climbing you will generally want the mountains. Figure out what you want to do, and then what campgrounds close to what you want to do.

Once you’ve narrowed it down, look at the various amenities within each campsites in Alberta. It’s good to note that while provincial parks are beautiful, they are often bare bones with little in the way of amenities, and have minimal staff. Look for campgrounds like Elevated Experience Camping for example, has flush toilets, hot showers, cell phone charging stations, food trucks and bikes to rent, making this a popular destination campground for many.

How Are You Going To Get There

Something else to consider is how you are going to get to your campsites in Alberta? If you want a beautiful, remote location, you will need to take packs, and hike in, leaving your car in a parking lot. Is that going to be something you can do physically? Is your gear too heavy? Another example is if you want to tow your large fifth wheel trailer, you will need to avoid tiny winding mountain roads, and choose campsites with large lots. In many cases, the journey is half the fun, but in others, getting there quickly means you can start relaxing sooner!

Reserve Your Spot

Once you’ve figured out what part of the province you want to camp in, what activities you want to do, and how you’re going to get there. The next step is quite simply reserving your campsites in Alberta. There will be different prices and reservation procedures depending on if you are booking a campsite in a national park, a provincial park or a private campground. Book early in the year, because once you start camping, you will definitely want to come back soon, and return to your adventure, relaxation or family fun time!