Luxury Campsites In Alberta You Can't Miss

Glamping in Alberta: Luxury Campsites In Alberta You Can’t Miss

Welcome to the world of glamping in the heart of Alberta! If you’re searching for a getaway that combines the rustic charm of camping with the comforts of home, look no further than Elevated Experience Camping near Drayton Valley. As a standout in luxury glamping Alberta campgrounds, we offer a range of accommodations from cozy bell tents to spacious cabins, all set in picturesque landscapes. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a first-timer, our site provides everything you need to create memorable experiences in one of the most beautiful Alberta campgrounds. Come and explore the great outdoors with us, where adventure meets luxury!

Overview of glamping trends

Glamping, or glamorous camping, has revolutionized the way we experience the great outdoors, especially in Alberta campgrounds. At Elevated Experience Camping, we’re at the forefront of this trend, providing luxury glamping Alberta campgrounds with amenities that cater to comfort and style. Here, you can enjoy the serene beauty of nature without sacrificing the comforts of modern life. From plush bedding in our rustic bell tents to fully-equipped cabins, every detail is designed to enhance your camping experience, making it ideal for campers of all ages and abilities who seek a unique adventure in Alberta’s scenic landscapes.

Benefits of glamping in Alberta

The benefits of glamping in Alberta, particularly at luxury sites like Elevated Experience Camping, offer a perfect blend of nature and comfort. Here, you can wake up to the sound of the river and breathe in the fresh, pine-scented air, all from the comfort of a high-end bell tent or a well-appointed cabin. It’s all about accessibility too; whether you’re a family needing a convenient kitchenette or someone with mobility concerns requiring easy terrain and facilities, glamping in Alberta provides these luxuries. This melding of convenience, comfort, and nature makes luxury glamping Alberta campgrounds an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy the outdoors without roughing it.

Elevated Experience Camping: A Premier Destination

Nestled just outside Drayton Valley, Elevated Experience Camping offers an idyllic setting for luxury glamping in Alberta. This premier destination in the Alberta campgrounds network is surrounded by lush forest and situated along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, providing a tranquil backdrop for your getaway. Here, campers of all ages and abilities can immerse themselves in nature, enjoy the sounds of wildlife, and gaze at the star-filled skies, all with the comfort of high-end amenities and personalized service that define luxury glamping Alberta campgrounds. Whether you’re looking to relax or explore, Elevated Experience Camping delivers an unparalleled outdoor experience.

Brief history and mission

Elevated Experience Camping was founded with a vision to redefine outdoor experiences in Alberta by combining natural beauty with upscale amenities. Positioned as a leader among luxury glamping Alberta campgrounds, their mission is to offer a seamless blend of eco-friendly practices and luxurious accommodations. This commitment ensures that every camper, regardless of their camping skills or physical abilities, can enjoy the serenity and splendor of Alberta’s unique landscapes. By prioritizing sustainability and guest comfort, Elevated Experience seeks to set a new standard in the Alberta campgrounds scene.

Accommodation Options

What Are Rustic Bell Tents

In the heart of Alberta’s scenic wilderness, Elevated Experience Camping offers a charming option with their rustic bell tents. These tents are a cornerstone of luxury glamping Alberta campgrounds, blending the classic appeal of canvas tents with modern comforts. Each bell tent is outfitted with cozy beds, plush linens, and tasteful decor, creating a homey yet adventurous atmosphere. This accommodation choice is perfect for those looking to connect with nature without forgoing the luxuries that make a camping trip truly relaxing and memorable. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or new to the outdoors, these bell tents provide an effortless and enchanting camping experience.

Overview of Small and Large Cabins

At Elevated Experience Camping, both small and large cabins provide luxurious lodging options that cater to different group sizes and preferences. Each cabin is fully furnished to offer a seamless blend of rustic charm and modern convenience, perfect for those who prefer a more solid structure over tented accommodations. Small cabins are ideal for couples or small families, while large cabins can comfortably accommodate larger groups, ensuring that everyone experiences the comforts of home in the heart of Alberta’s beautiful wilderness. This variety of options underscores why these cabins are highlights among luxury glamping Alberta campgrounds.

Exclusive Amenities Offered

On-site activities (e.g., mini-golf, outdoor cookhouse)

At Elevated Experience Camping, guests can enjoy a variety of exclusive amenities that set it apart from other Alberta campgrounds. The campsite includes fun on-site activities such as mini-golf, which is perfect for families looking to engage in some friendly competition surrounded by nature. Additionally, the outdoor cookhouse offers a unique culinary experience, allowing guests to prepare and enjoy their meals outdoors. These amenities enhance the luxury glamping experience in Alberta, making it more enjoyable for campers of all ages and abilities.

Rental options (e.g., bikes, discovery kits)

Elevated Experience Camping enhances your outdoor adventure with additional rental options, making it a standout among luxury glamping Alberta campgrounds. Guests can rent bikes to explore the surrounding trails or opt for discovery kits, perfect for those eager to learn more about the local flora and fauna. These rental options are designed to cater to all interests and abilities, ensuring that every camper, regardless of their experience level, can fully enjoy the natural beauty of Alberta. This approach to inclusive and accessible outdoor activities underscores the unique appeal of Elevated Experience Camping.

Unique Culinary Experiences

Sasquatch Smokehouse Eatery

Elevated Experience Camping offers a unique culinary highlight at the Sasquatch Smokehouse Eatery, setting it apart from typical Alberta campgrounds. This on-site restaurant provides a fantastic dining experience with a menu that features local flavors and traditional smokehouse fare. Whether you’re craving smoked meats or seeking a hearty meal after a day of adventure, Sasquatch Smokehouse caters to all tastes, enhancing the luxury glamping experience in Alberta. It’s an ideal spot for campers looking to indulge in delicious, well-prepared meals without leaving the comfort of the campground.

On-site convenience store and delivery services

At Elevated Experience Camping, the on-site convenience store adds another layer of luxury, distinguishing it from other Alberta campgrounds. This store stocks a range of essentials and local delicacies, allowing you to grab ingredients for a meal or a quick snack without having to leave the comfort of the campground. Additionally, their thoughtful delivery service brings your purchases right to your site, ensuring you can continue relaxing or exploring without interruption. This service is particularly appreciated by those who seek a truly effortless and luxurious glamping experience in Alberta.

Activities and Attractions Nearby

Local hiking trails

Nestled in the stunning Alberta landscape, Elevated Experience Camping offers easy access to a variety of local hiking trails, making it a prime destination for those looking to explore the natural beauty of the area. From leisurely walks suitable for all ages and abilities to more challenging hikes that offer breathtaking views of the Alberta wilderness, there’s something for every type of adventurer. This proximity to diverse trails enhances the appeal of luxury glamping Alberta campgrounds, providing an ideal blend of relaxation and outdoor activity.

Proximity to Drayton Valley attractions

Located near Drayton Valley, Elevated Experience Camping offers campers not only seclusion and tranquility but also proximity to local attractions in Drayton Valley. Whether it’s exploring the Drayton Valley Museum, hitting the links at the local golf courses, or enjoying family-friendly activities at the aquatic center, there’s plenty to do just a short drive away. This convenience makes it a top choice for those seeking luxury glamping Alberta campgrounds that combine outdoor adventure with the opportunity to explore local culture and recreation.

Special Events and Packages

Long weekend celebrations

At Elevated Experience Camping, long weekend celebrations are a highlight, offering a festive and vibrant atmosphere that distinguishes it from other Alberta campgrounds. Special events are tailored to enhance the luxury glamping experience with activities that range from live music and local food tastings to outdoor movies and guided nature walks. These events provide a perfect opportunity for campers to immerse themselves in the community spirit of Alberta while enjoying the comforts and elegance of luxury glamping. Whether you’re here to relax or participate in fun activities, these weekends create memorable experiences for all ages.

Special promotional offers

Elevated Experience Camping enriches your stay with special promotional offers that set it apart from typical Alberta campgrounds. These offers often include discounts on extended stays, bundled activity packages, and early bird specials for peak seasons. Designed to provide extra value to your luxury glamping experience in Alberta, these promotions ensure that every visit is both memorable and affordable. Whether you’re planning a family holiday, a romantic getaway, or a solo adventure, these special offers make luxury camping accessible to more people, inviting everyone to explore the natural beauty of Alberta with added perks.

Booking and Reservations

Booking your stay at Elevated Experience Camping is a simple and straightforward process designed to ensure you can focus on anticipating your luxury glamping adventure in Alberta. Visit their website to check availability for your preferred dates and accommodation type, from rustic bell tents to spacious cabins. The online booking system is user-friendly, allowing you to secure your spot with just a few clicks. Additionally, you can contact their customer service for any queries or special requests, ensuring your experience at one of the finest luxury glamping Alberta campgrounds meets all your expectations.

Cancellation and refund policies

At Elevated Experience Camping, understanding the cancellation and refund policies is straightforward, ensuring that you can plan your luxury glamping trip in Alberta with peace of mind. They offer clear guidelines on cancellations, allowing for flexibility should your plans change. The policies are designed to be fair, accommodating late cancellations under specific conditions and providing options for refunds or rescheduling. This approach allows guests at this luxury glamping Alberta campground to book their stay confidently, knowing they have options if their circumstances change.

What to Bring to Your Glamping Trip

Preparing for your glamping trip at Elevated Experience Camping ensures a seamless experience in the Alberta wilderness. Essentials to bring include appropriate clothing for changing weather, a good quality flashlight or headlamp, and personal toiletries, despite the luxury accommodations. Additionally, packing some leisure items like books, games, or hiking gear can enhance your stay. This thoughtful preparation allows you to fully enjoy the luxury and comfort of one of the top Alberta campgrounds without worrying about missing necessities.

Recommendations for personal items

While packing for your stay at Elevated Experience Camping, consider including personal items that will enhance your luxury glamping experience in Alberta. Bring along your camera or smartphone to capture the stunning scenery and wildlife. Comfort items like your favorite pillow or a cozy blanket can make your tent or cabin feel even more homey. For those leisure moments, pack some books, a journal, or crafting supplies to enjoy during downtime. Personalizing your space with these items will ensure your glamping experience is both comfortable and memorable at one of Alberta’s premier campgrounds.


What are the check-in and check-out times?

Guests can check in starting at 2 PM, and check-out is by 11 AM. This schedule helps ensure that each guest can fully enjoy their time while allowing for maintenance and preparation of the space for the next arrivals.

Are pets allowed in the glamping sites?

Pets are indeed welcome at our glamping sites. We understand that pets are part of the family, and we’re happy to accommodate them so they can join in on the fun.

What kind of weather should I prepare for when visiting the campsite?

Be prepared for a variety of weather conditions. Alberta’s weather can be unpredictable, with possible sudden changes. It’s a good idea to bring layers that you can add or remove as needed, including waterproof gear for rainy days.

Are there any age restrictions for the activities offered at the campsite?

Most activities at our campsite are suitable for all ages, but some activities may have age limits for safety reasons. It’s best to check specific activities for any age restrictions when planning your stay.

How accessible are the glamping sites for those with mobility issues?

Our glamping sites are designed to be as accessible as possible, with features to accommodate guests with mobility issues. However, it’s a good idea to discuss any specific needs with us in advance so we can ensure your comfort and convenience during your stay.