Alberta Campgrounds | Avoid Startling a Skunk


Alberta Campgrounds | Avoid Startling a Skunk

There are many different kinds of wildlife throughout Alberta, and when faking or camping in Alberta campgrounds. There is an extremely high probability that campers and hikers are going to encounter some of the beauty of the wildlife in this province.

This can be from the wide variety of birds that live in the province. And can be a very fun experience for birdwatchers. To squirrels and rabbits that can be playing in the fields, that campers and hikers can enjoy watching.

However, there are a lot more kinds of wildlife that can be spotted. Especially depending on what area of the province they are camping in. People can see the year, elk and even Moose. And the occasional bear can be spotted. Because many Alberta campgrounds are in bear country.

Seeing wildlife can be a thrilling experience. However, all campers and hikers should know that they need to keep their distance from these animals. For the animals safety as well as for the safety of the campers and the hikers.

This is especially true if people come face-to-face with a skunk during their camping experience. The time of day this is most likely to happen is task. Because skunks are nocturnal animals. And wake up at dusk to start foraging for their food.

Although skunks are known for their ability to spray people when they are startled. Spraying is actually their last resort defense mechanism. And something that they only do in order to save their life.

Because it depletes their energy, leaving them defenseless for up to ten days. While they build up their resources and supply again.


Therefore, when people encounter skunks. The first thing that they should do is stop immediately. This can often give the skunk enough time to escape on their own. So that they will not feel like they have to spray.

If the skunk does not leave the area. The campers and the hikers should very slowly start to back away from the animal. They should not have any fast movements or loud noises. So that they do not startled the skunk.

By putting as much distance between the person and the skunk is very important. Because skunks can spray up to 3 m. And can spray six times in very quick succession.

When people are camping with their animals. It is very important that they can put their animal on a leash at all times. Because if a dog encounters as skunk. They may not know to stop and leave the animal alone.

When people have encountered a skunk, they will know that the skunk is getting ready to spray, because they will start stomping their feet, they will raise their tail and they will start to hiss.

Through quick thinking, and through slow actions to escape the area. Can help the skunk feel less threatened. So that the skunk and the camper can escape the encounter completely unscathed.

By knowing what to do when encountering wildlife. Can help make hikers and campers experiences in Alberta campgrounds an enjoyable and memorable one.

Alberta Campgrounds | Avoid Startling a Skunk

Skunks are native to Alberta, and when spending time in Alberta campgrounds. Campers and hikers are very likely to encounter this harmless and nocturnal creature.

Skunks are essentially defenseless, with their oily discharge being essentially their only defense. However, when skunks spray, it weakens them. And causes them to be without their defense mechanism for ten days. While their body produces more.

Because the skunk does not want to be left defenseless. Spraying is only their last resort. And they will only do that, if they think their life is being threatened.

However, despite many campers best efforts to stop, back away slowly and avoid causing loud noises. Campers every year in Alberta get sprayed by a skunk.

Skunks can spray this oily discharge up to 3 m away. And it can be smelled by the human nose over five and a half kilometres away.

This smelly discharge can cause skin rotation, watery eyes and even temporary blindness. And the smell can cause nausea in most people.

Getting the oil off their skin is extremely important to minimize irritation. And while most people have heard that tomato juice is an effective way to get rid of skunk smell.

That is because the tomato juice has asset in it, that can cut through the oil in the skunks discharge. It may be difficult to find tomato juice while camping.


Which is why many campers and hikers can carry hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. And come up with a very effective skunk smell antidote.

The recipe for getting rid of skunk smell is 1 quart hydrogen peroxide, and ┬╝ cup baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate. Plus 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap, added just prior to application.

By washing skin, hair and clothing in this solution. Whether a human or their dog has been sprayed. Can help neutralize the noxious liquid quickly. So that people can enjoy the rest of their camping experience without being smelly or nauseous.

If people cannot neutralize the smell, they can be smelled up to five point 6 km away. And can put a damper on their camping experience in Alberta campgrounds.

Many pets may not know what to do when encountering a skunk. Which is why all dogs and cats that are coming camping. Should be kept on a leash at all times.

So that if encountering a skunk. Owners can have a better chance at controlling there animal. So that they do not and up startling the skunk. Which would cause them to spray in defense.

While encountering wildlife in Alberta can be an exhilarating experience. People will want to enjoy a meeting wildlife. So knowing exactly what to do when encountering this wildlife.

Especially when encountering a skunk. Can help make the experience a fun one. And help protect the beauty of the wildlife in the Alberta campgrounds. For many years to come.