Alberta Campgrounds | Glamping Is For Everyone


Alberta Campgrounds | Glamping Is For Everyone

Glamping has increased in popularity in recent years throughout Alberta campgrounds for a variety of reasons. Because many people enjoy wilderness and nature. But they also enjoy the comforts of home.

However, glamping, also known as luxury camping, cost camping, or comfort camping. Has been happening for centuries. But typically, by the superrich and by royalty.

In fact, Genghis Khan is one of the most well-known and earliest glampers. Because whenever he travelled across China and Mongolia. He brought with him many luxuries for his tents.

Not only would he align his tents with silk drapery, he would also lay silk carpets on the ground. And ensure that he had servants to answer to his every whim.

However Genghis Khan was not the only known in history. In fact, sultans were also known by the luxuriousness of the tents that they travelled with during their adventures.

Refusing to be outdone by other royalty from other countries. They insured that not only were the tents the most luxurious. But they had every comfort that they could ever want while away from their palace.

One hundred years ago as African safaris became an activity enjoyed by the richest citizens of the world. The tents that they stayed in would be considered glamping by today’s standards.

Allowing travellers the comfort of home, and all of the luxuries they could ever want. While enjoying viewing the African landscape and animals.

However nowadays, glamping does not necessarily need to be as luxurious as it once was. People who purchase a recreational vehicle such as a motor home or at fifth wheel. Are often known as glamping.


Based on the amenities that come standard in those vehicles. Such as television with satellite, a microwave, Internet, a full bathroom with toilet and shower. As well as air-conditioning and heater just to name a few.

Even people who are going glamping in a tent can often bring comfort items from home. Such as a queen-size air mattress that is raised off the ground, or air conditioning or heaters for their tent.

In fact, because of technology, glamping knows no bounds in Alberta campgrounds. However, it was limited to people who could afford to purchase camping equipment.

Whether they were purchasing a fancy motorhome or fifth wheel. Or if they simply were camping in a tent. This still would require people to have the funds to be able to purchase the equipment.

They need to go camping. In order to be able to go glamping. So even though it is an activity that any camper can enjoy. Not everyone could necessarily become a camper.

This is where permanent glamping sites in Alberta campgrounds have started to become extremely popular. These are existing structures such as a year to which is a portable, round tent with a structured wall in ceiling.

To luxury tents, tiny cabins, small pods, houseboats and even tree houses just to name a few. In fact, people have been known to create glamping sites from reclaimed grain bins, and even teepees. So that there is no end to what can be converted into a luxurious camping experience.

This means that people can experience glamping even if they do not have the funds to buy their own camping equipment. Making Alberta campgrounds more accessible to all.

Alberta Campgrounds | Glamping Is For Everyone

Even though camping remains an extremely popular activity throughout the entire province and in many Alberta campgrounds. Camping is not always something that everybody can or even wants to do.

For example, there are people who have physical limitations. Such as needing a walker or wheelchair. Or having medical concerns that make camping difficult. Such as having to pitch a tent, or cook food over an open fire.

With people with these limitations. Glamping can be the perfect way to help them experience camping. But in a way that is possible for them to do.

Whether that means they have a raised bed to get into and out of easily. Or indoor plumbing, so that they do not have to walk down a trail in order to have a shower or go to the bathroom.

And having the ability to cook meals in a way that does not require building a fire, or cooking over that fire. So that it is possible for more people to accomplish.

However, that is not the only reason why people may want to go glamping in a permanent glamping site. It could be that they are not fond of camping at all. But their family loves to go.

For people like this, when people go to Alberta campgrounds with a glamping site. Their family can enjoy the camping. While they stay in a glamping site. So that they can still enjoy the fun activities with their family.


As well as they are able to experience the beauty of the Alberta wilderness. But in a way that they do not have to sleep on the ground or feel disconnected to their world.

However, there are even more reasons why these permanent glamping sites. Are exploding in popularity throughout Alberta campgrounds.

If people are travelling throughout the province. Either from one part of the province to the other. Or they are travelling through the province from one province to the other.

They may not be prepared for camping. But want to experience some of the beauty of the nature that they are seeing. Which is where these glamping sites come in handy.

They are able to stay in a glamping site. Without having to have brought all of their camping equipment. Especially because they provide so many of the amenities needed to enjoy the wilderness.

Therefore, when campgrounds build permanent glamping sites. Not only are they giving campers a unique experience for their vacation. But they are also making camping and accessible activity for people who previously would not have been able to go camping.

Whether it is because they cannot do traditional camping. Or they do not have the camping equipment because of expense. Maybe they dislike camping but like spending time with their family who do go camping.

Glamping sites offer all the comforts of home. So that people can enjoy their time away from home in nature.