Alberta Campgrounds | Luxury Camping in Alberta


Alberta Campgrounds | Luxury Camping in Alberta

When people think of luxury camping in Alberta campgrounds. They might think of extremely outrageous accommodations. From giant multi-person tents with crystal chandeliers, and lounge chairs. To all of the luxuries most found in hotels.

And while that is not what luxury camping is now. That is what luxury camping used to be several hundred years ago. While many people might not realize that people camped hundreds of years ago.

This was typically how the world’s wealthiest and the world’s royalty travelled. Especially across great expanses of land. Because air travel was not possible. And there were no accommodations along the way.

And when these wealthy people and royalty travelled. They stayed in giant tents that they would erect. And outfit with all of the luxuries that they could manage to bring with them. That allowed them to stay as comfortable as they would at their palaces.

In fact, each royal figure became more outlandish than the last. With sultans being known for the utmost lamb or and luxury in their tents.

And while was typically reserved only for royalty or the wealthy. Genghis Khan was the most well-known luxury camper. Partially because of how infamous he is.

But also because his accommodations were so luxurious. Not only would he hang silk drapes from the walls, and silk carpets on the ground. He would have servants catering to his every desire.

And while many people might think of these luxurious accommodations when they think of luxury camping. Anyone who goes to Alberta campgrounds and brings amenities typically only found at home or in a hotel room. This is also technically luxury camping or as it is also known as glamping.


Glamping is a mashup of the two words glamorous and camping. And simply defines the act of camping with the comforts of home. And this describes anyone who has ever brought something with them to make camping easier.

In fact, as technology improves. The camping gear that is available. Is more sophisticated than ever. Campers hundred years ago would consider what we do as extremely luxurious in comparison.

And whether going camping is something that people do because they love getting back to nature, and spending time in the wilderness. Seeing all of the sights and sounds that they possibly can.

For others, going camping is simply a means to an end. And a way to get closer to the activities that they want to engage in. Such as rock climbing, hiking, kayaking or rafting. Even cycling, sailing just to name a few.

And for these people, whining to have a few more creature comforts is very important. Especially as being comfortable often translates into being able to do their sport or activity easier.

Or bringing things to make cooking and cleanup easier and faster. Means that they can also get in more time to do the activities that they love.

Whatever the reason why people want to go camping or luxury camping in Alberta campgrounds. They should realize that any time they bring more technology to the campsite. They are engaging in historical practice first invented by kings and queens.

Alberta Campgrounds | Luxury Camping in Alberta

There are many reasons why people want to visit any of the Alberta campgrounds throughout the province. There are so many different sites to see. As well as activities to engage in.

From the very north parts of the province with amazing forests, and the northern lights to see. To the south of the province, that has almost desert -like qualities. And amazing and unique wildlife as well as the foreign landscape of the hoodoos.

To the wide open prairies, and finally the majesty of the mountains to the west. That has so many people coming back for a wide variety of activities.

For people who want to visit any parts of Alberta, they can go camping in hundreds of different Alberta campgrounds. However, this typically means bringing their own accommodation.

In order to go camping in Alberta campgrounds. People need to bring their own tent and camping equipment. Or trailer, fifth wheel or motorhome to have a place to stay.

If people do not have any camping equipment. Typically, they would be limited to staying in hotels or motels. Or even staying in hostels which have even fewer amenities than a hotel.

This is why many Alberta campgrounds are building glamping structures. Which are permanent or semi permanent buildings. That allow people to engage in what feels like camping. But with today’s technology.

There can be a wide variety of different structures including luxury tents, tiny cabins, teepees, tree houses and even yurts. To give each camper a unique experience.


And the amenities that will be in these structures will depend on not only what the structure is. But what type of experience the campground wants to give their guests.

All of them will want to retain a similar feeling to camping. So they all will have a slightly rustic feel. But will bring some technology to make it feel more glamorous.

This includes things like a full queen-size bed, air-conditioners or heaters. And even things like microwaves and barbecues. So that people not only can have the experience that they are looking for.

They also do not have to bring anything from home. Which means this is accessible for so many different people. With people are already travelling through Alberta.

And have not planned to make camping something that they intend to do. By offering a glamping site. Many people who were prepared for camping can still stay in these sites and get a feel of what camping is like.

And for others, they have not wanted to go camping badly enough to purchase any of the camping equipment. But by having a glamping site available. Means that many people may want to tried out. Or make glamping a regular activity and set of camping.

Regardless of the reason why people want to stay in these structures close to nature. It can offer people a completely unique way of seeing nature and experiencing the beauty of the province.