Alberta Campgrounds | What Does Glamping Mean?


Alberta Campgrounds | What Does Glamping Mean?

Even though the popularity of glamping is currently on the rise in Alberta campgrounds and throughout the country. Glamping is not a new activity even though it is a new word.

Glamping is a word that was coined in the UK in two thousand and five. And is a mashup of the two words glamorous and camping. And is used to describe the activity of camping.

When people bring items that are typically seen in hotel rooms or at home. This is a way for people to experience the fun and enjoyment of camping. Without the roughing it aspect that many people associate with camping.

Glamping brings yesterday’s amenities together with today’s technology. To offer people a unique vacation experience. To allow them to enjoy nature and wildlife with their family.

And while glamping traditionally has required people needing recreational vehicles, trailers or even tents and camping gear. This meant that only the people who are able to purchase those items could go camping let alone glamping.

This is why the popularity of new permanent or semi-permanent glamping sites in many Alberta campgrounds is on the rise.

These structures are often outfitted with everything that a person needs to enjoy their stay. Including a bed with bedding, a place to cook and store their food. So that it feels like camping.

But it also brings an element of luxury or comfort. Such as air conditioning, microwaves and barbecues just to name a few. To allow people to be as comfortable as they want as well.


The idea of these glamping sites. Is to allow people an opportunity to go camping when they might not be able to otherwise. Or give them a unique experience that camping alone cannot offer.

Whether this is for people who want to stay with their families who are camping. But are not as big a fan of campers themselves.

Or if these are people who have been travelling through the province. And while are not prepared for camping. You want to experience some of the unique wonders that typically only camping can provide.

These outfitted glamping sites. Can mean that even people who are not prepared for camping, can enjoy staying in the great outdoors, so that they can experience nature and wildlife the way campers do.

Even people that typically were unable to go camping because of physical or other limitations. Can go glamping in these accommodations.

Because what makes camping less possible for some people such as pitching a tent or sleeping on the ground. Glamping makes more possible, by removing those barriers. And allowing people to stay in the great outdoors.

If people are looking for a glamping experience. They can contact many Alberta campgrounds that offer permanent and semi permanent glamping sites.

They should be sure to check the price, as well as all of the different amenities. Because both can fluctuate depending on the area of the province, and what is offered in the accommodations as well.

Alberta Campgrounds | What Does Glamping Mean?

The word glamping is relatively new, even though people have been comfort camping throughout Alberta campgrounds for decades. And while people have been camping while bringing luxuries of home for a long time.

Comfort camping has been around for longer than many people realize. With the first noted luxury campers in history. Being hundreds of years ago in fifteen twenty in France.

Traditionally, glamping has been done in tents. And has been for royalty as a means of travelling. Especially across their country, that may not have accommodations like hotels to stay in.

Therefore, they carried these tents that they would set up with many of the luxuries that they enjoyed at their palaces. From hanging silk along the walls of their tents, and silk carpets on the ground.

Two luxurious food and servants. This is often the only way that royalty travelled. With many other kingdoms trying to be even more lavish than the last.

However nowadays, luxury camping or glamping is not an activity reserved just for the super rich or Royals. This is an activity that many people enjoy as a means of vacationing.

They often go camping so that they can engage in adventure recreation. Such as cycling, hiking, kayaking and even mountain climbing just to name a few.

And they often go camping, so that they can stay closer to where they plan on doing these adventurous activities. So that they can spend more time engaging in them.


And perhaps it is because they were less fans of camping. And more fans of their chosen sports. As to why people started bringing some luxuries from home with them on these camping trips.

And perhaps it is because they want to spend more time engaging in their sports. And less time doing things like chopping wood, cooking and cleaning up from meals. That they started bringing luxury items with them on their camping trips.

It could also be because their chosen sports was physically demanding. And because they wanted to spend the time away from that sport as comfortable as possible. Many people started bringing items with them to make their stay more comfortable.

Regardless of the reason why people want more luxurious accommodations. Many Alberta campgrounds are more than happy to accommodate these types of campers.

By setting up permanent or semi permanent structures. Such as tiny cabins, luxury tents, yurts and teepees. This allows people the opportunity to go camping in a structure that is already built.

That is often outfitted with many luxuries that they would typically find only at home or in a hotel room. The types of amenities offered in these accommodations vary greatly.

Therefore, when people are looking to get away either for a vacation, or to engage in their favourite sports. They should have an idea of what types of accommodations and amenities they are looking for. So that they can find the right fit for what they want to do.

With the growing popularity of this type of camping. Glampers are encouraged to book well in advance. So that they can be sure to get to do their favourite activity in Alberta campgrounds while glamping.