Alberta Campgrounds | Why Go Glamping?


Alberta Campgrounds | Why Go Glamping?

There are many reasons why people might want to experience Alberta campgrounds with glamping. However, many people may not understand what glamping is.

The phrase, first coined in the UK in 2015. Was first added to the Oxford English dictionary in 2016. And was defined as camping that contains more luxuries than traditional camping.

People have also called it luxury camping, cost camping and comfort camping. And there are as many different ways to go glamping. As there are glamping sites in the world.

When people decide to experience Alberta campgrounds via glamping. This could be because they are travelling through the area. And want to experience camping. But do not have any camping gear with them.

Such as people who are travelling from out of country. Who want to experience the beauty of the Alberta wilderness. But they do not have the means to go camping.

People might go glamping. Because they simply do not enjoy sleeping in a tent, on the ground. Or cooking dinner on a portable stove or over an open fire. But they still want to enjoy the beauty of the wilderness.

Many people decide to stay in Alberta campgrounds in a glamping site. Because they want to enjoy time with their family and friends. But they do not want to do it while camping with them.

Having glamping sites within Alberta campgrounds. Means that people can enjoy spending time with their family. Even if they do not enjoy the activity of camping.


Other people want to go camping. Because it is unauthentic way to experience the beauty of nature, or the culture of the places that they are visiting.

A great example of this. Is when people stay in traditional teepees of the first Nations tribe. So that they can experience the culture of the first Nations that they are visiting.

Or, people stay in glamping accommodations. Because they will be afforded an experience. That they would not be able to get through any other means.

An example of this. Would be when people go to the Northwest Territories, none of it or the Yukon. And stay in glass enclosures. So that they can sleep beneath the stars. And enjoy the northern lights.

There is no way a person would be able to sleep in a bed, while gazing at the northern lights in the middle of winter. Without these a glamping sites.

Glamping sites are available in the mountains of Alberta. As well as in the alien landscape of the hoodoos in the southern parts of the province.

There are even glamping sites that include tree houses, ice castles, wooden spheres hung from giant trees. As well as luxury tents and cabins, traditional recreational vehicles. As well as yurts, and portable pods.

People should understand what type of experience they are looking for. So that when they go looking for glamping sites. They can find one that will allow them the luxuries that they need. And the experience they are looking for.

Alberta Campgrounds | Why Go Glamping?

Despite the fact that the word glamping was added to the dictionary just a few years ago, people have been glamping in Alberta campgrounds for decades. However, people have been glamping since the earliest time.

With 1 of the most extravagant examples of luxury tents living. Was in 1520 in northern France. Not only were almost 3000 tents erected. But fountains were created that ran with red wine.

To this day, people would probably never be able to find a glamping site that allowed them to drink red wine straight out of a fountain. Unless they were glamping in Italy.

Glamping quite literally means luxurious camping. And any site can be a glamping site. When people add all the luxuries that are not traditionally associated with camping.

While people can go find a place to rent for a night or a week. That is considered glamping. Because it has many amenities.

Other people who enjoy camping. Can often add these luxuries themselves. To allow them a more luxurious experience of camping.

Some very common luxuries that traditional campers have been adding to their experience for decades. Includes satellite television, microwaves and coffeemakers. As well as portable Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, and bathrooms and showers. Air conditioning, heaters, and even bread makers can be found!


These are common in people’s recreational vehicles such as motorhomes and fifth wheels. But people can even turn tent camping into glamping with some unusual amenities that they enjoy.

There are glamping sites throughout the world. Sometimes, what makes glamping unique. Is the structure that people are staying in. Such as the round structures known as bird balls on Vancouver Island.

Hung from the giant trees in the rain forest. Not only do these give people a birds eye view of the beauty of the rain forest. But also, and experience next to none. That will allow them to be swung to sleep in the treetops with the birds.

They can even enjoy things like ice castles that they can sleep in in northern climates such as the Northwest Territories in Canada. Or Iceland for example. That will allow people to stay quite comfortably in a gorgeous castle made out of ice. For an unparalleled experience.

Even people who travel to Africa for safaris. Can be considered glamping by the tenants that they are staying in. That contain a full kitchen and dining room. As well as a working bathroom. For people to freshen up in.

People can even stay in pods that are perched on the side of a mountain. To give them the view of a the mountains that they would never get sleeping inattentive. At an experience like no other.

Therefore, when people want to experience a unique adventure in Alberta campgrounds. They should look no further than glamping. So that they can enjoy beauty of nature. In unauthentic way.

If people want to know more information about glamping in Alberta campgrounds. They can search online, as there are many campsites offering many luxurious amenities for the different type of camper.