Glamping in Alberta | Design Your Own Vacation


Glamping in Alberta | Design Your Own Vacation

While many people love camping, not everybody enjoys this activity which is why glamping in Alberta is becoming more and more popular. As well, it becomes more popular with the proliferation of permanent and semi permanent glamping spots throughout the province.

Why glamping is more popular than ever before. Is because it allows people to enjoy the fun of camping. Without having to do things like pitch a tent, cook over an open fire. Or sleep in a sleeping bag on the ground.

And whether people do not like doing those things, do not have the camping equipment to be able to do that. Or if they have limitations that prevent them from being able to do this.

Camping is not necessarily an activity for everyone. However, glamping in Alberta is accessible for everyone. Because it brings all of the amenities of a hotel room.

To the beauty of the wilderness, in whatever areas the glamping sites are located in. And can include everything from igloos up north, and ice castles. To houseboats, on rivers.

As well as structures like luxury tents, yurts and tiny, luxury cabins. And when people are looking for a place to go glamping in Alberta. They should look no farther than elevated experience campgrounds.

Not only is the location of this campground beautiful and amazing. They are nestled in a picturesque river valley, right next to the North Saskatchewan River. Located close to Drayton Valley.

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Not only is this location accessible for many Albertans throughout the entire province. And visitors from around Canada. But it is beautiful, and offers the ability to explore the wilderness.

As well as enjoy all of the activities that people love about the river. With that they want to go boating, skid doing. Or if they want to go floating, or even fishing this is possible at this location.

Therefore, when people go glamping at elevated experience. They can design their own vacation of their choosing. And whether they are going alone, with a friend.

Or if they are taking a significant other or a spouse. Or their entire family. They are going to be able to have the vacation of their choice, at elevated experience campgrounds.

This is because not only do they have a great location. To allow people to either go boating and fishing. Or go hiking and exploring the wilderness. But also they have many other amenities as well.

So that if people do not want to explore the river, and they are not into hiking. There will be lots of activities that can keep them busy no matter what the weather is doing.

There are many games that they can rent. Such as yard sized Jenga and yahtzee. As well as slip and slide, mini golf and go to yoga. But also a retro arcade, if the weather is inclement at all.

Whether they are going to camp traditionally, or they want to stay in the tiny cabins they have for people to go glamping. They are going to be able to manufacture the vacation of their dreams.

Glamping in Alberta | Design Your Own Vacation

Many people may not realize that glamping in Alberta is not a new activity. Because it just means bringing creature comforts from home with them while they go camping.

However, many people do not like to go camping. Or they are unable to. Either because of limitations, or the fact that they cannot get their own camping equipment.

Therefore, whether people do not like camping or are unable to. Glamping in Alberta means that they can enjoy many of the same activities that camping offers. But in a more accessible way.

Therefore, when people want to have a vacation that is completely their own. They should look no further than elevated experience campground. Because of all of the amenities and activities.

If people want to go glamping in Alberta. At elevated experience, there glamping sites our tiny cabins. Have all of the luxuries of a hotel room. However, nestled in the beautiful river valley where they are situated.

There will be a full-size queen bed. For people to sleep on, so that they do not have to sleep on the ground or in a sleeping bag. As well, cabins are outfitted with air-conditioning and a television hooked up to satellites.

That people can truly feel as though they are not roughing it. And if they do not like camping, this will be the perfect getaway. And because it is nestled in this river valley, surrounded by wilderness and wild animals.

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They can truly feel like they have escaped the city. And are going to be able to rest and relax on their vacation away from home. However, if they want to do more than just relax in their cabin.

Whether they are reading, or watching television and movies. There are many amenities at elevated experience campground. That can help them do all of the activities that they want for their vacation.

One popular activity is go to yoga. To allow people the enjoyment of stretching their body, in the beautiful surroundings. However, with the fun playfulness that goats can bring to the activity.

However, if goats or yoga is not something that people are interested in. There is also the retro arcade and candy store. Which is especially perfect for days when the weather is colder or wet.

But they also have many different games, such as yard sized yahtzee, and Jenga. As well as many golf, which for every visitor, they get a game for free. To help them start their vacation and start relaxing.

At the end of their stay, there is a checkout pancake breakfast. So people do not feel like they have to cook and then cleanup as they leave their vacation. For a few dollars, they get pancakes, sausages and coffee.

So all of the resting and relaxing that they did on their vacation. They can carry with them as they travel home, back to their life. However, a lot more rested and relaxed them when they arrived.