Glamping in Alberta | Go On An Adventure


Glamping in Alberta | Go On An Adventure

When people are looking for an adventurous vacation, they do not have to go far from home if they go glamping in Alberta. In fact, even though many people think an adventure will take them far away from home. This is not true when they go to elevated experience campground.

Glamping in Alberta

Located in central Alberta, just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. It is a location that is accessible to everybody within the province of Alberta. And without requiring them to drive into the mountains.

And while they are located in a beautiful river valley. People have exclaimed that the beauty of the campground, is similar to the beauty of the national parks in the mountains, such as Jasper and Banff.

And the owners of elevated experience have said that it is their desire. To make their campground as much a destination. As the national parks are to the People in Alberta. And in order to do that.

They needed to attract a wide variety of people. With a wide variety of amenities. This is why they added glamping amenities to their already impressive list of services that they offer.

The glamping amenities that they have on site. Brings all of the luxury of a hotel room. To the beauty of the river valley. To help people feel like they have truly escaped the city and got away.

And when they make their reservation, from the first interaction with the elevated experience staff. They will be blown away by the exceptional customer service.

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From the phone call, to check-in. And every other interaction thereafter. Will be designed to make them feel rested, welcomed. And appreciated by the staff. That is one way that they hope to elevate everyone’s experience.

And while many people love glamping in Alberta because it will allow them the opportunity. To rest and relax in the beauty of the nature surroundings. Other people love glamping.

Because it will allow them more opportunities to do their favourite, adventurous activities. Such as biking the many trails, going on a hike. Or even boating and fishing on the North Saskatchewan River.

However, if people are looking for an adventure. But they do not have a particular adventure in mind. They can still get what they need by glamping in Alberta at elevated experience campgrounds.

Whether they want to learn how to pan for gold on the river, or if they wan to spend an afternoon in the retro arcade. Or even experience yoga for the first time.There is literally something for everybody.

And when they are done adventuring, and are too tired to cook dinner on the full-size barbecue that is provided. They will be able to order a pizza, to be made fresh, and to order. And then be delivered by the amazing elevated experience staff.

Even check out has been elevated. By the checkout breakfast that people can purchase. For five dollars, pancakes, sausages and coffee will be served. So that people do not have to cook, before heading home, after their restful and relaxing vacation.

Glamping in Alberta | Go On An Adventure

When people are looking for an adventurous vacation, they should think about glamping in Alberta. Because while many people do not associate glamping with adventure.

The two do go hand-in-hand at elevated experience campgrounds. Even when people do not know what kind of adventure they are looking for. There are so many things to do, that they will never be bored.

And while they have a mini golf course on site. Everyone gets their first game for free. So that they play once, or come back often to play many golf. That is one activity that they can engage in.

Or, they might want to play some more traditional style board games. Such as Jenga or yahtzee. But in an extremely large form, to be played outside on the grass.

That will allow them to enjoy some familiar favourite games. But in a completely new way, that can be extremely fun. And get everybody engaged and laughing.

However, if people are looking for an adventure that takes them farther away from their campsite. They can go on a guided adventure. By renting a discovery kit.

These are knapsacks, for of all of the tools they need. To go on a self guided adventure in the river valley. They have adventures for daytime exploration, exploring the river valley at night.

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As well as a kit that teaches people how to go panning for gold in the river. And for people who are diligent enough, and lucky enough. They may leave with a small nugget or flake of gold for their trouble.

However, the weather is not always going to cooperate. Especially in Alberta, where the weather changes unpredictably all the time. Therefore, if people are hoping to spend a lot of time outside.

And the weather is too cold or rainy. That does not mean that there glamping in Alberta adventure is not going to happen. It just means that they need to change what they do.

For people who have arrived when the weather is not wonderful. They can either stay in their glamping tiny cabin. And watch their favourite shows, or movies on the flat screen television that sucked up to a satellite dish.

Or, they can head down to the retro arcade. A play classic video games, and eating candy from the candy bar. Or if videogames is not what they are interested in. They can borrow book from the campground library.

One thing is for certain when they do plan their glamping in Alberta trip at elevated experience campground. They will have no end of things that they can do.

And they will have an extremely elevated experience. From the accommodations, and every interaction with their staff. The only recommendation that there is for people who are booking a vacation.

Is to book their vacation early on in the year. Because once people have experienced this once. They want to come back over and over.