Glamping in Alberta | Summer Memories


Glamping in Alberta | Summer Memories

One way for families, or couples to make great Summer memories is to go glamping in Alberta. Because there is literally something for everyone, when they go to elevated experience camping.

Glamping in Alberta

Located in the river valley, on the banks of then are Saskatchewan River. Located just five minutes east of Drayton Valley. This beautiful location. Offers many different amenities for a wide variety of people.

Not only will there be water adventures, for people looking to use the boat launch. Whether they want to go boating, or just fishing. Or if they do not want to use the boat launch. And just enjoy the water.

For people who are not interested in spending time on the river. What they can do instead, is go hiking or biking on the many trails. Located within, and just outside of the campground.

However, if a person’s ideal vacation. Means there glamping in Alberta time is spent resting, and reading. Or even sleeping in, and watching satellite television. Then elevated experience camping is the perfect place for them.

Not only are there glamping sites beautiful. But they offer every luxury that found in a hotel room. But set in the picturesque beauty of the river valley. While many people compare the beauty of this campground, to the beauty of the mountains.

There are just as many, if not more activities. That people who are glamping in Alberta here can enjoy. If they do not want to spend time on the river, or go hiking or biking. But they do want to have some kind of an adventure.

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They will be able to rent one of the many discovery kids that there are available. That take people on a self-guided adventure. Either in the daytime, at night time. Or if they want to learn how to pan for gold on the river.

However, if people are looking for an adventure, or fun that is a little bit closer to their campsite. They also have many golf, a retro arcade and candy shop.

As well as games that they can rent, such as horseshoes, or corn hole. That can help people have fun, playing family favourite games. But in a completely unique way.

They also have a community library on site. For people to be able to go and borrow a book. In case they read their book entirely. Or they did not bring one, and are wishing they had.

They even have programs, for families, and children. Including unique goat yoga. That is perfect for people of all ages and abilities. That allow them to do some beginner yoga poses.

While sharing the space with playful goats. Not only is this great for their physical health. It is good for their mental health as well. And will be guaranteed to leave everybody smiling by the end.

At the end of their day, after their amazing adventure. People may be too exhausted to cook dinner. Either over an open fire, or on one of the provided barbecues in the glamping site. And when that is the case, they can simply order pizza that will be delivered to their camp sites.

Glamping in Alberta | Summer Memories

When people are looking to make Summer memories, lumping in Alberta can be the perfect way to do so. Because while many people may not like camping. There are very few people who are opposed to glamping.

Glamping is a mashup of the word glamorous and camping. And simply describes bringing luxury to the camping experience. Therefore, glamping appeals to a wider variety of person.

Because people do not need to have their own camping equipment. Or if they are unable to go camping, because of physical or other limitations. But glamping has no limits, and is accessible to everyone.

Therefore, going on the summer vacation while glamping in Alberta. Help people create unique memories. Especially when they go to elevated experience camping.

There campground, Willy West, located in a river valley. On the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. Is as beautiful as the mountains, without the drive.

And when people show up to go glamping in Alberta in one of their tiny cabins. There are many amenities that they should be prepared for. First of all, they will have a fire pit in the yard and avenge.

Although, people do not have to create a fire if they do not want. Because there is a barbecue on the porch. That is full-size. So that people can cook their own meals without having to hunch over an open fire.

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The next thing that they might notice, is that there is a porch, with table and chairs. So that whether people want to eat their meals outside. Or simply drink their morning coffee watching the sunrise. That is possible here.

When they open the doors to their tiny cabin, when they go glamping in Alberta at elevated experience. But they will notice right away, is the large, queen-size bed in the middle of the room.

And second, what they will notice is the large, flat screen TV mounted on the wall. This television is hooked up to a satellite dish. Which means people can watch their favourite movies, and shows.

Even when they are miles away from home. If a person’s idea of a perfect vacation is sleeping in, and watching movies all day long. He can do that here. With a beautiful view outside their window.

However, if a person’s ideal vacation. Is staying in a tiny cabin. So that they can spend more time having adventures. Whether it is on the river, or on one of the many trails. That is possible here as well.

Glamping in Alberta is an extremely accessible activity. And when people come to elevated experience camping. They are going to get a unique experience. As well as many different amenities. To allow them to have the vacation they have always dreamed of having.