Glamping in Alberta | Unique Vacation Trips


Glamping in Alberta | Unique Vacation Trips

When the reasons why glamping in Alberta is on the rise. Is because people are looking for fun and unique vacations. Especially with so many people staying in Alberta for their vacations this year.

Glamping in Alberta

And while glamping in and of itself can be a unique and fun vacation. The reason why many people are coming to elevated experience campground. Is because not only are they dedicated to elevating the entire experience through amazing customer service.

But because they have many different activities that people can do. So that it is appealing for many people. Matter what they want to do on their glamping in Alberta trip.

And there are is no right or wrong way to go glamping as well. The word was coined in two thousand and five in the UK. By smashing the two words glamorous and camping together.

And while it took another eleven years to get adopted by Webster’s dictionary. People have been luxury camping in Alberta for decades. And for centuries throughout the rest of the world.

If by definition, glamping means bringing luxury items on a camping trip. The first known glamper is Genghis Khan. Who outfitted his tense that he used while travelling. With the most luxurious items of the day.

And while Genghis Khan would have servants, and silk tapestries and carpets. Nowadays, glamping is more likely to have queen-size beds, satellite television, and pizza delivery.

And as glamping becomes more and more popular. People are becoming more and more discerning about where they want to go, and how they want to spend their time.

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Elevated Experience Camping has added so many different amenities to the services that they offer. Whether people want to spend their vacation in bed watching movies.

Or whether they want to explore the great outdoors, either by foot, or bike. Or the the river valley by boat. There is literally something for everybody at this campground.

It is also very accessible for people all over the province. Located five minutes outside of Drayton Valley, in a river valley beside the North Saskatchewan River. People have called this picturesque beautiful location.

Similar to the mountains in beauty. Without having to drive all the way. Or fight the tourists who are in town, and on the trails. In fact, with how many tourists there are in the mountains. This destination is becoming preferable.

And whether people want to spend the time in their tiny cabin, enjoying alone time, reading and watching movies. Or if they want to go on many adventures. This is all possible, for all glamper’s.

However, if people are bored and are looking for something to do. Not only can they enjoy minigolf, renting some of the games that they have such as yard sized Jenga or yahtzee. Renting a book from the library.

Or even spend their time in the retro arcade. Or enjoying goat yoga, which is suitable for all ages, and yoga abilities. And is guaranteed to have people leaving with a smile on their face.

When people come to elevated experience campground, there glamping in Alberta vacation. Be whatever they want to do, however they want to do it.

Glamping in Alberta | Unique Vacation Trips

There are many things that people should keep in mind that they want to do when they go glamping in Alberta. Because with the proliferation of many different glamping sites throughout the province.

People are not going to get the same experience no matter where they are, or depending what they want to do. For some places, when they say that they have glamping amenities.

It is just the site itself that is a glamping. That requires people bringing their own activities. The consequence is, if they are not prepared, they can have an very boring vacation.

Other glamping sites are set up as so that people can enjoy glamping while doing another activity, such as a music festival. Just like how Matthew McConaughey set up glamping sites for his wedding.

When he got married on his ranch in the early two thousand’s. He had set up hundreds of glamping sites for his guests. So that they could stay in relative luxury. Will experiencing camping on his ranch.

However, when people are coming to elevated experience campground, when they are looking for a glamping in Alberta vacation. Their goal is to appeal to the widest variety of people possible.

Therefore, if people want to simply get away from the city and spend as much time alone as possible. That is possible here.

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But also, if people are looking for a adventurous vacation. Allowing them to explore the river valley on foot, bike or by boat. This is also possible at elevated experience campground.

And if people are looking for glamping in Alberta vacation. That can appeal to a wide variety of people. Since they are going to be camping in a group.

There going to get their needs met at elevated experience campground. Whether people want to explore, playing in the retro arcade, read or watch movies. Or if people are looking for unique experiences.

Like goat yoga, or going on a guided adventure. Or playing games, such as yard yahtzee and Jenga. Or going many golfing. They are going to get this experience at elevated experience campground.

In fact, people who come are so impressed by the wide variety of activities. That it is recommended that people try this out early in the camping year. So that when they are blown away by the many activities.

They can come back often for the rest of the year. For more vacations, or even weekends. When people are looking for a unique glamping in Alberta vacation. They should look no further than elevated experience campground.

Located just outside of Drayton Valley, in a beautiful river valley. It is an accessible location for everyone throughout the entire province of Alberta. And a lot more accessible than Banff or Jasper. For a mountain vacation without the mountains. People should come to this campsite.