Glamping in Alberta | What To Know About Glamping


Glamping in Alberta | What To Know About Glamping

Often, when people are looking for a unique vacation idea they often choose glamping in Alberta. Because with the number of campsites that they can go glamping in. They never have to worry about finding a place for their vacation.

Glamping in Alberta

And more than ever before. People are arranging stay case. And by going glamping in Alberta. They can have a unique experience. While staying close to their homes.

When people are looking for a unique experience going glamping. They should look for elevated experience campgrounds. Because they have many different amenities that can make their experience unique.

And while glamping often refers to bringing creature comforts from home. In order to make their capping experience more glamorous. Elevated experience campgrounds have done that to work for campers themselves.

One thing that people can keep in mind. Is even if they do not have a trailer in order to go glamping in. They can rent the tiny cabins on site at elevated experience. These tiny cabins have all of the amenities of a luxury hotel room.

But set in the charming beauty of the river valley that the campground is situated in. Five minutes outside of Drayton Valley, nestled in a river valley by the North Saskatchewan River.

People have said that the beauty of this campground. Is equal to the beauty of the mountains. Without having to drive that distance, and deal with the numerous tourists there.

These tiny cabins have luxuries such as a beautiful queen-size bed. So that they do not have to worry about camping, by sleeping in a sleeping bag. Sleeping on the ground, or sleeping outside.

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These tiny cabins have a large flatscreen TV mounted on the walls. Complete with satellite television, so that people do not have to miss their favourite shows. Or they can treat themselves to a movie on their getaway vacation.

However, if people want to go glamping in Alberta. So that they can have a unique outdoor adventure. They are going to be able to achieve that as well. Whether they have brought the things necessary to go adventuring or not.

For example, elevated experience has what they call discovery kids. Which our knapsacks, of all of the things they need. To go on a self-guided adventure.

They can explore the river valley. And learn about the environment, such as the animals that live there. As well as the plants and trees that grow in the area.

Or, people can rent a discovery kit. That will have them going on and nighttime adventure. That is not only fun for people of all ages. There is a great amount of information to learn about the area as well.

Or perhaps, people want to learn how to go panning for gold in the North Saskatchewan River. They can do this at elevated experience campground.

When people are looking for a unique vacation. And an experience that they cannot have anywhere else. They should visit this great campsite, for their glamorous vacation. And visit early, so they can come back often throughout the summer.

Glamping in Alberta | What To Know About Glamping

People have actually been glamping in Alberta for decades. Because although the word glamping is new. A mashup of the two words glamorous and camping. It simply means bringing luxuries while camping.

And that has been done throughout the entire country. And in fact, throughout the world for decades and centuries. However, going glamping in Alberta traditionally meant bringing their own accommodations.

Such as people bringing their own motorhomes, or trailers all of the luxuries with them. However, that is not very accessible to a lot of people. Which is why elevated experience wanted to change that.

They built tiny cabins in their campground. That people can rent, whether they have their own camping equipment or not. They bring all of the luxuries of a hotel room into the beautiful river valley setting.

That will allow people to go on an adventure, and enjoy nature in whatever ways are meaningful to them. Whether people want to get away from the city, and sleep in, read books and watch movies.

They can do this, or if they want to go on a unique adventure. There are many opportunities to do this at elevated experience campground. Because they are in the river valley beside the North Saskatchewan River.

If people want to enjoy the river, through boating there is a boat launch. Or people want to stand on the shore and fish. Or even take inflatable’s to enjoy the river that way. It is possible.

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Or, if they would rather hear the calming babel of the river. While they are going on a different adventure. Such as hiking, or biking. There are many trails in order to do that as well.

And while many people wanted to get away from the city during this vacation world they are going glamping in Alberta. Elevated experience knows that after a day or two of relaxing.

Or even, for some people a few hours. They can get incredibly bored, and are looking for activities. And elevated experience camping has them covered. Not only do they have many different amenities.

Such as an arcade, and a library. To help people overcome the feeling of boredom they get. When they leave their home. But also, they have many different activities that people can enjoy.

Such as large yard sized board games. That will help people enjoy a family favourite, but in a completely new way. Not only can they reconnect with family and friends this way.

But they can also go play mini golf on elevated experience many golf course. And in fact, every camper or glamper gets their first game for free. And after they enjoy a game of minigolf.

They will be able to enjoy some ghost yoga. Nevada or what their age, or their experience level with yoga. That is sure to get them to relax, and enjoy some laughs with these playful creatures.

And at the end of the day, when they are too tired to cook on the barbecue provided in their glamping sites. They can simply order a pizza, and have it hand-delivered by elevated experience staff. No matter what they decide to do, when people go glamping in Alberta at this campsite. They will have an amazing and unique vacation.