Glamping in Alberta | Why Glamping Is So Popular


Glamping in Alberta | Why Glamping Is So Popular

People may not realize how popular glamping in Alberta has been. And while the word is new, being coined in the UK in two thousand and five. As an activity, it has been around for much longer.

Glamping in Alberta

The word glamping is a mashup of the two words glamorous and camping. And simply involves bringing luxury items while camping. Therefore, people can do it in a tent, in their trailer or motor home.

However, it always has required people needing some of their own camping equipment. In order to facilitate glamping in Alberta. Now, how popular it has become.

More and more campsites are setting up their own glamping sites. Such as elevated experience campground. They wanted to appeal to a wide variety of people.

And whether people do not like camping because they do not enjoy sleeping on the floor or cooking over an open fire. Or perhaps people love camping, but do not have their own camping gear.

And even if people are not planning on going glamping in Alberta. But have come across the campsite. All of these people can now enjoy glamping. Where they could not before.

When people arrive at elevated experience campground. If they have printed a tiny cabin, which serves as their glamping amenities. They will notice many luxuries right from the start.

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Not only is there a fire pit, case people want to engage in some traditional camping activities. As well as a bench, so nobody has to bring their own lawn chairs.

There is also a full-sized barbecue. That people can actually use for cooking their culinary creations. However, they need to know that when they are glamping at elevated experience campground.

Nobody actually has to cook. This is because they have the ability to order a pizza that is made fresh and to order on-site. And then delivered by one of the elevated experience staff members.

When they open the door to their tiny cabins, the first few things they are going to notice is the luxurious queen-size bed, and the large, flat screen television mounted to the wall.

And while many people love camping because they want to get away from technology. People who simply want to get away from the city. But still want to stay connected, or watch their favourite television shows and movies.

Can do so at these luxury cabins at elevated experience campground. They even have lamps that allow people to plug in their digital devices. Such as their cell phones or tablets. Because while some people think they should get away from technology.

That is not everybody’s idea of an ideal vacation. And anybody who is looking for a perfect vacation. Deserves to have technology if they desire. That is why they should come to elevated experience campground.

Because there is literally something for everybody, no matter if they love exploring the outdoors. Or they just want to have some well deserved, rest and time alone.

Glamping in Alberta | Why Glamping Is So Popular

When people go glamping in Alberta these days. They are joining a long list of people who have been doing this for decades. And although people think it is a new activity. It has been around forever.

It is a mashup of the two words camping and glamorous. And simply refers to bringing luxury items while camping. Therefore, as long as people have been camping with coffee pots, or barbecues.

Glamping has been happening in this country. However, glamping in general has been around for a lot longer. With Genghis Khan being the most famous, and earliest known glamper in the world.

As Genghis Khan travelled across Asia, he stayed intense. That were outfitted with the most luxurious items of the day. Including tapestries, and silk carpeting.

Nowadays, most people are not glamping in Alberta with silk. But when they arrived at elevated experience campground. They will have a queen-size bed, and satellite television.

And whether they want to sleep in, and watch movies all day. Or if they want to go on an adventure in the river valley. The vacation of their dreams is theirs for the making. When they come to elevated experience campground.

But if they do not want to watch movies or explore the trails or the river. There is still no end of fun activities that they can enjoy. Either alone, or with friends and family.

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One of the most popular activities is go to yoga, that is perfect for all ages and experience levels. And will leave people feeling rested and relaxed. But also with a giant smile on their face.

If they would rather play games, there are many different games that they can rent. Such as large, yard versions of their favourite board games such as Jenga. Or if they are looking for something a bit more traditional.

They can play horseshoes in the pits that are provided. However, if they are looking for something more high-tech. They can enjoy the retro arcade. By playing favourite games from their childhood.

But if people are looking for an adventure will they are glamping in Alberta. They are not sure what that adventure looks like. They can always get great ideas from the elevated experience staff.

A great example of this, are the adventure kids that they offer for rent. That are knapsacks, love all of the tools they need to for a self-guided adventure in the river valley.

A great learning adventure for people of all ages. Can help them get to know the river valley at night or by day. Or teach them how to pan for gold in the river. With the luckiest getting a small nugget of gold for their efforts.

And at the end of their vacation of glamping in Alberta. They do not have to cook breakfast on their final day. They can enjoy a checkout breakfast for only five dollars. That will give them pancakes, sausages and hot chocolate. So that they can pack up and leave, and continue feeling rested from their amazing vacation.