Glamping in Alberta | Why Vacation Here


Glamping in Alberta | Why Vacation Here


When people are ready to go on a unique vacation, they may choose glamping in Alberta. But choosing where to go can be a difficult decision. Until people hear about elevated experience campground.

Glamping in Alberta

Like the name suggests, elevated experience campground is dedicated to providing amazing customer service. And elevating everybody’s experience.

Not only do all of their staff go through a rigourous customer service training program. So that every single interaction people have with staff. From the first moment they answer the phone, to checking them in.

Two renting games, and activities. And checking out. Will be an amazing experience. But also, they are dedicated to providing a very wide variety of activities, to appeal to many of all ages.

In fact, that is the reason why they decided to add glamping sites to their long list of amenities. Because they wanted to be able to appeal to a wide variety of people. And allow many more people to enjoy the beauty of the river valley.

Located just outside of Drayton Valley, in the river valley beside the North Saskatchewan River. The beauty of this location. Has often been compared to the beauty of the mountains.

Not only is it just as beautiful. There is just as much to do. If not more. Without being crowded with tourists. And when people are looking for a glamping in Alberta vacation. That will appeal to every single member of their family.

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They should check out elevated experience campgrounds many amenities. Starting with a mini golf course, that everybody gets their first game for free. To help them start their vacation off on the right foot.

However, if they are looking for a fun and unique adventure. They can rent these knapsacks called adventure kids. That have all of the tools and instructions they need. To go on a self guided adventure in the river valley.

Whether they want to explore in the daytime, explore at night. Learn how to pan for gold in the river valley. These kits are fun and educational for people of all ages. And can help people start adventuring on their glamping in Alberta vacation.

However, if adventures are not people are looking for. But they do want to play games. They can rent many games from the elevated experience campground themselves. From horseshoes, and cornhole, which is a favourite camping game.

To some more unique things, such as yard sized yahtzee or Jenga. They can provide a completely unique experience. Thanks and family favourite games. And whether people are playing as a couple, or as a large group. These games can be immense fun.

And when they have had so much fun that they are too tired to cook dinner. They can order a pizza that is made hot and fresh on site. And delivered directly to their glamping site. What more could people want when they are glamping . But a wide variety of activities. And pizza delivery?

The only thing that people need to keep in mind when they are looking their glamping vacation at elevated experience campgrounds. Is to book early. So that when they fall in love with this location. They can continue coming back for the rest of their summer.

Glamping in Alberta | Why Vacation Here

When people are getting ready to go on a glamping in Alberta vacation. They may wonder which is the best place to go. But they do not need to wonder anymore, once they hear about elevated experience campground.

Reason why this is such an amazing place to go. Is because there glamping sites have spared no expense. Have many different luxuries. Starting with the full-sized barbecue that is in the yard.

However, while many people do not want to cook over an open fire. They do want to be able to have a campfire if they want. So that they can have sing-along’s, roast marshmallows. And enjoy traditional camping activities.

However, that is the only camping like thing about this and glamping amenities at elevated experience campground. They set foot in the tiny cabin, it is clear that this is all about luxuries.

And elevating everybody’s glamping in Alberta experience. Not only is there a queen-size bed, but there is also a large, flat screen TV mounted on the wall. That is hooked up to a satellite.

So that people do not have to miss their favourite television show. Or they can watch whatever movie they want. So that they can vacation in a way that makes them the happiest.

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While the tiny cabins do not have running water. There is a water cooler, with a dispenser on the floor for their furry family members. So that people do not feel like they have to leave their pets home when they are vacationing.

There will also be a mini fridge, microwave, toaster and coffee pot. As well as all of the dishes they need. To prepare whatever food they want during their vacation.

However, a lot of people. They do not want to cook any food while they are camping, or glamping in Alberta. And for these people, they need to understand. That elevated experience campground.

They can order a pizza, that is made hot, fresh and order. And that will be delivered by the elevated experience staff. Directly to their glamping site. Therefore, if they do not want to cook. Or too tired from their adventures to cook.

They can order pizza, and avoid going hungry. And whether they eat on the patio, enjoying the great outdoors. Or if they want to climb into bed, and eat their pizza watching a movie.

Anything is possible at elevated experience campground. Because it is such a unique place for vacation. And they have great glamping amenities. People who spend their summer vacation here, will not be disappointed.

When people are looking to book, they should book early in the year. Because when they experience how amazing these amenities are. They will want to come back.